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Best Cored Wire Welder


Flux cored wire welding machine Test

Every now and then something breaks in the household that needs to be repaired. Happy who has a suitable appliance at hand. Especially in the garage and garden there are tasks where welding is the only possibility. Of course, welding machines are an enrichment for creative people and a must for car tinkerers. The choice on the market is large. But if you are looking for a portable and affordable torch, a flux cored wire welding machine is the right choice.

What is a cored wire welding machine?

Cored wire Welding equipment

It is a box, basically a welding transformer, which is equipped with a carrying strap. These devices work with a powder-filled wire. By means of a so-called feed motor, this flux-filled wire is conveyed evenly so that it is fed into the molten pool. This means that the wire melts evenly. The speed can be adjusted at a switch, but can also be regulated as required via a step.

The best way to do this is to set the amperage higher than actually needed. The powder enclosed in the wire is converted to gas, argon, by heat during the working process. The gas ensures that the arc is stable during welding and at the same time the argon protects the subsequent weld from oxidation.

How does a cored wire welding machine work?

Before starting, the lid is opened and the cored wire coil is inserted. For this purpose the reel holder must be unlocked and then it must be pulled off the shaft. The wire reel can now be put on and fixed correctly with the reel holder. In the second step the compression roller spring is released and turned to the side. Now the flux-cored wire is threaded into the hose package holder provided for it and also locked from the reel holder. The lid can now be closed.

On the outside of the unit, the combustion and current nozzle are now removed or screwed on. Make sure that the hose package is led away in a straight line.

The burner can be switched on. Before welding can start, the torch button must be actuated until the filler wire is completely in the guide and peeps out at the front. If necessary, shorten the wire slightly with a side cutter. The current nozzle and torch nozzle can now be mounted again. The flux cored wire welding machine is now ready for use.

For whom is a cored wire torch suitable?

Stanley POWER 170 welding machine in case

Especially for newcomers to welding work, such a device makes a good choice because of its low purchase costs and space-saving appearance. Even if working with it requires practice, once learned, it opens up countless possibilities. Because of the transport possibility even an acquisition as a community, for example in a garden club, makes sense. Women who have discovered welding for themselves in the hobby area can enjoy a device that is not too heavy.

What is a cored wire welding machine used for?

The application possibilities of such a portable burner are versatile. As an assistant in hobbies for making sculptures or smaller aluminium figures, it is just as helpful as when tinkering with a car body or repairing the garden gate. Since the flux-cored wire already contains powder that converts to argon, there is no need to carry gas around. In contrast to many other welding methods, these devices are also suitable for outdoor use. Depending on the power of the welding device, both solid and thin material thicknesses can be fused with the flux-cored wire.

But also plastics can be combined with it. Non-alloyed and low-alloyed metals such as pipes or sheet metal can be easily processed in this way. Depending on the material, the flux-cored wire is selected. For low-alloy steels, butt joints and seamless wires are recommended. For high-alloy steels, wire with lap joint is available. Furthermore, the wires are available in rolled and unrolled, black and shiny as well as in thickness.


The handling

NTF MIG-250 inert gas inverter welding machine MIG MAG

The handling of a cored wire welding machine requires practice and skill. It feels more like sticking than welding. But not in a negative sense. The work is easy and the result is flawless. Smooth seams, fine pores and with the right setting, little spatter. Slag is also avoided, so that a separate room is not necessarily required. Since the gas does not have to be sprayed on, there is no further safety risk and the sometimes laborious procurement of argon is not necessary. Nevertheless, welding always involves a risk of injury and fire. Protective clothing is absolutely necessary here.

Long sleeves are indispensable. Furthermore, clothing should not be made of highly flammable material. Gloves should also be insulated and fireproof. It makes sense to choose tighter trousers in order to keep the area of attack for unnoticed flying sparks low. Safety glasses should also be worn. Here the choice for tinted lenses indoors is recommended. The outer lenses must be replaced from time to time and require thorough cleaning.

With the cored wire welding machine, the wire feed can be infinitely adjusted. This makes welding even easier.

Performance of cored wire welding equipment

The use outdoors is noteworthy. Because especially in private use there is often no hall or room available for welding work. In addition, some parts cannot be easily transported. But the cored wire welding equipment is. Due to the carrying strap and the relatively compact size, depending on the manufacturer and type, it can be quickly used anywhere. The laborious procurement, storage and also the transport of argon is also omitted.

A fine spray arc is created in the torches thanks to the high current density inside the wire. During long work with the welder, there is little or no distortion in the metal being worked. The heat can be bundled as required. When choosing the right wire, further advantages come into play; a welding property that is easy to handle, a high deposition rate, high mechanical quality values and also exact positioning suitability.


Positive features

    The weld metal contains little hydrogen.the high current density provides a wide arc, which minimizes fusion defects.pore safety and smooth seams are easy to achieve.transportable and affordable.

Negative properties

    Despite the mobility of a welding machine with cored wire, it is relatively heavy in the long run with about 20 kg, and compared to electrode welding machines, the current intensity cannot be adapted to the material.

What is tested for cored wire welding equipment?

In addition to the manufacturer’s preferences, the models differ mainly in weight and size and the workmanship of the carrying device. The price-performance ratio is the crucial point for which work the device is to be purchased. Technical data are relevant here. One criterion is whether the wire feeder is infinitely variable, further whether it is a so-called two-switch device and whether a choke is installed and how the device reacts in case of a short circuit. This occurs more often during welding.

Cleaning and care

Einhell cored wire welding machine BT-FW 100

In general, welding equipment must be protected against dust deposits and metal dust and must be cleaned of these particles very regularly. This can be done quickly with compressed air. Welding equipment is best stored in a dry room, which is best kept out of reach of children and unauthorised persons. Special attention should be paid to cables and all other equipment that carries electricity, as faulty parts can pose a risk of injury. When the welding work is finished, the machine must be disconnected cleanly from the mains to avoid any unnoticed sparks or heat generation. The wire feeder should always be properly cleaned with compressed air to ensure clean operation.

The tension spring should not be tensioned too tightly, as this will result in greater abrasion, which produces metal dust, which in turn causes further contamination. This can then lead to unclean seams. A further point of attention is the hose package. It must not come into contact with sharp objects. All nozzles are subject to wear and should be checked regularly and replaced if necessary. Any welding spatter must be removed immediately.

Among other things, nozzle grease is suitable for this purpose, so that the splashes do not stick completely. The transformer must also be kept dust-free.

If problems do occur with a cored wire welding machine, first take a look at the instructions. Suggested solutions are listed here for many frequently occurring errors. If the specified options do not lead to a result, workshops offer specific repair and maintenance of welding equipment. Mobile repair service offers can also be found on the Internet. In any case, you should not try to solve the problem yourself. Qualified personnel is essential for the complex equipment, which poses a high risk of injury and fire.


Amperage as performance indicator

Most cored wire welding machines that are purchased for hobby purposes have two switching levels to control the amperage. This setting depends on the setting of the feed speed of the wire. The higher the temperature at which welding takes place, the better the result, i.e. the seam. However, the welding current depends primarily on the thickness of the material to be welded.

How much does a cored wire welding machine cost?

Two-switch devices are already available on the market from 120 euros upwards. The price range is relatively high. The products are available up to 500 Euro on average. The better the voltage can be adjusted for the arc length and the wire feed speed in relation to it, the more expensive the device is usually. Such torches are now also available on the second-hand market. If a welding machine is only needed for a one-off project, the equipment can be rented for a fee in most larger cities.

Manufacturer of cored wire welding equipment

Berlan MIG/MAG inert gas welding machine BMIG140

There are many manufacturers on the world market, but it makes sense to focus on good quality.

    Güde is a German manufacturer where it is not the name but the product that is paid for. Customer service is written in capital letters here. When buying a product, you should look around for offers from discounters before visiting a DIY store.Einhell is also a German tool manufacturer with a good price-performance ratio, which is also concerned about environmental protection.here, a warranty extension of one year is offered. Gys is a French producer, specialized in welding technology and globally active. For more professional use Lorch is known as a German producerIn the hobby area CFH offers a well assorted online shop with affordable products

Upgrading the cored wire welding equipment

Equipment is available here in the form of extensions and protective measures. A flux cored wire welding coil for standard wire can be purchased so that you do not have to rely on a special flux cored wire. A good investment is a feed roller, which acts as a kind of adapter for different wire thicknesses. Spare current and torch nozzles, known as wearing parts, are available. A slag hammer should also be purchased to cleanly separate the remaining work from the seam.

A welding protection shield, which is available as an accessory, protects against injuries.

The purchase decision

In order to assess the performance of a flux cored wire welding machine, the interaction of current intensity and wire feed speed must be considered. Only high temperatures do not characterize a device. A look should be taken at the adjustable choke, as this determines the behaviour of the power source when a short circuit occurs. In general, before buying, it is necessary to consider the purpose for which the device is to be used. There are limits for these portable units, some welding work cannot be carried out due to lack of power compared to a stationary unit.

5 good reasons for a purchase

Cored wire Welding equipment
    The device can be used in fresh air.due to the given mobility it can be used in the whole house and sphere of activity.favourable purchase price, with which you can do nothing wrong.easy cleaning and maintenance, which can be done by yourself.almost all metals, which occur in hobby and household, can be processed with a cored wire welding machine.

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