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Do you need a welding licence?


When do you need a welding licence?

Welding is the joining of several components using pressure or heat. The welding works are insoluble and can be performed with or without extra materials. Welding is often carried out in large factories, but welding is also popular in private homes. The most suitable materials are primarily metal, but also glass and thermoplastics. There are many welding methods. Depending on the work and material, a distinction must be made between the individual processes. The question is whether everyone can weld or whether a certificate is required for this?

Welding with certificate

When do you need a welding licence?

In general, everyone who welds must be instructed about the dangers of welding. No matter whether privately or professionally. However, there are welding jobs that require a permit. This includes work where certain requirements are placed on the welding seam. This is the case, for example, in a factory where the seam must be welded accurately for cars or other everyday objects. There are devastating consequences for incorrectly welded seams, for which the welder himself takes responsibility.

If seams are processed improperly in this case, this already constitutes a criminal offence. In addition, everyone who welds on dangerous objects, such as pressure pipelines or pressure vessels, needs the certificate. For the permit there is a theoretical and practical test, which must be repeated every 2 years.

Welding work on bridges, buildings, ships and pipelines must also be tested.

Welding without certificate

Anyone who wants to weld in the private sector can do so without a certificate for minor welding work. These include work on private cars, copper pipes and all work involving soft or hard soldering. Caretakers who frequently carry out minor welding work on windows, fences or chairs also do not need a licence.


The welding permit

When do you need a welding licence?

The following work is required for the examination for the welding permit according to § 30 of the accident prevention regulations:

    Various safety measures in case of fire hazardElimination of this fire hazardProvision of fire extinguishing agentsDisconnection of carriersElimination of an explosion hazardControl of the objectSafety measures in case of explosion hazardCancellation of safety measures

Furthermore, the following practical work is required:

    Correct handling of the individual welding devicesWorking with steel, alloys and aluminiumRecognition of welding marks and welding symbolsPreparation of materials for weldingDesignation of a welder examination

What is the purpose of a welder examination?

The purpose is to ensure the grade and quality of the respective welding work.

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