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Best Goggles for WElding


Welding goggles test

Welding goggles are considered an important component in the area of occupational safety. They are usually worn during manual activities such as welding and soldering to protect the eyes from sparks and bright light. They are inexpensive to purchase and also keep strong heat away from the eyes. The protection of employees is a top priority in companies, which makes aids such as safety and welding goggles indispensable.

Also in private use, the glasses keep flying splinters of wood and metal away from the eyes and thus reduce the risk of accidents. Environmental influences can damage the eyesight forever. From one moment to the next the sense can be switched off. The process can also start insidiously by UV light, for example, which makes the use of suitable safety glasses so important.

Handling and use

Welding goggles

Welding goggles are quickly put on and can also be taken off in a flash in between. They are available in different versions with different features. On the whole, they are rather inexpensive to buy and provide affordable eye protection. You can buy safety and welding goggles in specialist shops for industrial safety and security online or by ordering from the catalogue. A distinction is made between conventional safety spectacles, safety goggles for the trade and high-quality welding goggles. The latter are manufactured with particular care and offer a range of additional functions depending on their purpose.

Special welding goggles protect against optical, mechanical and thermal hazards. This triple protective function is a prerequisite for carrying out the work without risk. UV light, for example, is considered an optical hazard and flying sparks result from mechanical and thermal effects. The formation of light arcs can also pose a great danger to eyesight and skin. Strong brightness characterises a so-called electric arc.


The almost unbearable brightness is caused by an extremely high temperature of many thousand degrees. Glare would not be absent without protection. This is called eye blinding, due to invisible UV radiation. The eye disease, which is called fire star, can be caused by long-wave infrared radiation. The right protection is very important for the whole body and should be chosen carefully. Eye protection devices for arc welders comply with DIN EN 175, as explained further below.

Versatile application possibilities

NTF MIG-250 inert gas inverter welding machine MIG MAG

No matter whether in a professional or private context. Welding goggles are regarded as the optimum protection at work. Even for the kitchen, there are already similarly conceived safety goggles that are designed to protect against tears from onion liquids. In any case, they are indispensable in the trade and are used in many areas:

    In the processing of wood due to the chips and splintersIn the soldering of metal due to the heat generationIn the welding of metal due to the formation of sparks and lightFor sprayers as protection against corrosive paint where standard 166 is sufficient

Labelling and test criteria

Since welding goggles are generally used in industrial operations, they must also comply with certain guidelines. If the lenses and the frame are made of different materials, they must also be marked separately. The complete marking then consists of the number of the applicable standard, the number of the filter protection level, the manufacturer’s identification mark, the optical class and the name of the product. The guidelines or test criteria are mainly used for occupational health and safety. A safe product should bear the GS mark and comply with important European standards:

    DIN EN 166 Standard safety glasses or general requirementsDIN EN 169 Welding filtersDIN EN 170 Glasses with filter against UV radiationDIN EN 171 Glasses with filter against infrared lightDIN EN 172 Welding protectionDIN EN 175 Requirements for welding filters

For standard safety goggles the additional marking must be observed. A, B, F, and S provide information about the impact resistance of the goggles. For welders the marking of the lenses is particularly relevant:

    8 Protection against short-circuit arc9 Non-stick coating against molten metalK Scratch-resistantN Anti-fogT Temperature resistance between -5 and + 55 degrees C

The numbers 1, 2 and 3 indicate whether the model is suitable for permanent use. Further numbers indicate the protection level. Cutting, for example, is possible with eyeglasses of level 5 to 7. Arc welding only from level 7 and following. It is therefore of great importance to pay attention to the differences and should not be handled succinctly.

Although the focus is often on the protection of face and eyes, this does not exclude further measures. Ultraviolet radiation can burn the skin everywhere. Therefore, at least a standard work suit should be worn that leaves no part of the body unprotected. Gloves protect the sensitive skin of the fingers and consist of leather at best.

In order to prevent intensive arcs of light, an additional protection of the neck is suitable. Specially developed neck leathers also protect against reflection.

This increasingly occurs during welding work with bare metallic materials. The surroundings also need to be protected. The workplace must be screened off. Translucent shielding according to DIN EN 1598 is suggested by professional associations. The Occupational Health and Safety Ordinance on Artificial Optical Radiation, OStrV for short, provides further details. A warning sign is recommended, especially if welding work is carried out professionally. The warning sign W09 serves as a notice board.

Protective screens for a clear view

GYS electrode welding machine 130 A green inverter 3200

There are different types of protective screens, each with its own individual characteristics. Clear discs are often used for sawing work or in the laboratory. These are often found on normal safety glasses. Here, light is transmitted at maximum intensity and not filtered separately. Extremely unsuitable for welding processes. Orange lenses offer medium light transmission and reduce the unpleasant glare effect. Special types are polarizing types.


They stand for minimal light transmission and reduce glare and reflections. Phototropic protective lenses automatically turn dark in sunlight. The increase would be the special laser protection. Often used in dermatologists’ practices in order to avoid damage caused by reflecting laser light during treatments. However, the colours do not always provide full safety and should therefore be considered of secondary importance. For welding goggles, the most important thing is the marking according to the area of application!

The best known manufacturers

Among the well-known manufacturers of the practical safety goggles for welders are for example Viwanda, Honeywell, Silverline, Bolle, 3M and Uvex. The features of Viwanda goggles include the angular shape of the goggles with folding function, the green lens with protection factor 5 and the indircle ventilation. Thanks to the folding function, the work carried out can be quickly inspected and continued. A versatile safety spectacle for daily welding and soldering work. The Ultravision welding goggles from Uvex meet protection level 5 and have green tinted lenses.

It complies with EN Standard 169 and is therefore equipped with welding glasses. The S for increased strength and the F for low energy particles are special features of this model. The welding goggles have a ventilation system and offer an optimal field of view. If you want to buy a welding goggle, you should not look at the manufacturer.

The well-known brands have a wide range of models, often only for protection according to DIN EN 166. Those who need more than these general requirements must pay attention to further standards and codes. The welding protection category is often displayed separately because specific additional functions are required here. So here, attention should not be paid to bargains, but to full functionality according to the welding work to be done.


Care, cleaning and costs

For the professional sector there are functional cleaning stations or individual utensils for safety and welding goggles. After all, a company has to reprocess a large number of glasses, for which special systems are perfectly suited. The advantage of using professional materials (example klar-pilot) for cleaning and care is the tested compatibility. The professional utensils combine several effects:

    Anti-foggingAntistaticResidue-free cleaning of dirt

Even sensitive materials such as coated plastic and glass become perfectly clean and retain their additional functions. The anti-fogging effect is particularly important, and welding goggles with ventilation systems are available. Perfect vision must always be guaranteed during the welding process!

The costs for welding goggles are moderate and range from 5 to 50 usd. They are therefore available at very reasonable prices in the trade, whereby the marking must be observed first and foremost. Many models that are not ordered from specialist shops, for example, are only equipped with minor protective functions. The colour of the lenses and their shape do not give any indication of full protection.

There are five good reasons for buying welding goggles

Welding goggles
    Welding goggles can be used quickly and can also be removed flexiblyThe low purchase price makes the important protection accessible for every walletOptimum splinter protection for woodworking and welding

There is nothing against using welding goggles at work. It only remains to be considered whether people who often work with liquid hazardous substances would prefer a work helmet or welding helmet. This also protects the respiratory tract from dangerous fumes and Co. If you need work goggles with integrated vision, you must have them specially made if you require an unusual corrective strength. Of course, this costs more, although the employer must bear the costs if this is relevant to the company.

According to § 2 of the PPE user regulations, eye and face protection must be provided if the hazard cannot be alternatively reduced.

A company naturally benefits from the full sight of the worker when performing the welding work. Welding goggles are generally suitable for long-term use, which also justifies separate production of corrective lenses. Whether welding work is carried out at home in the garage or at work, sufficient protection of oneself and others must always be taken into account. The principles of prevention can be obtained from the employers’ liability insurance association at any time.

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