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Best Gloves for Welding


Welding gloves test

Welding gloves protect during everyday work in the shipyard or factory. They ensure maximum finger mobility with the best possible protection against extreme heat, dangerous radiation and mechanical shocks. Quality tests subject this type of protective gloves to special tests regarding their function. Durability and resistance in an emergency are also the focus of attention. The following characteristics mark the special features of welding gloves.

Focus on welding gloves: What is that?

Welding gloves

This special type of gloves is used for individual protection of hands during welding. As they always function in the immediate vicinity of the workpiece, they are always exposed to great heat effects as well as radiation. Welding gloves protect against these and at the same time ensure optimum freedom of movement.

How do high-quality welding gloves work?

Made of flexible and at the same time breathable material, welding gloves guarantee optimal conditions for comfortable working. High-quality welding gloves provide effective and reliable protection during all welding work. It makes no difference whether the work is carried out out outdoors or in a production hall. With quality-tested gloves, welders are reliably protected against large thermal effects, radiation and possible sparks. Flexible production also ensures maximum freedom of movement for the fingers.

In this way, despite the use of welding gloves, it is possible to grip the workpiece as concisely and firmly as possible during each work step.

Flexible application possibilities of the welding gloves

Various manufacturers offer a wide range of applications for welding gloves. The market consists of both simple and lined welding gloves. The latter are particularly suitable for reliable outdoor use during the cold season. They also offer additional padding when fixing the workpiece.


Thanks to breathable materials, high-quality welding gloves from well-known manufacturers can be used over a longer period of time. A reliable, almost natural air circulation ensures the best possible climate. Welders benefit from this during the entire working time.

For whom are welding gloves suitable?

What welding gloves?

This type of protective gloves is suitable for all those who carry out welding work. It does not matter whether this work is carried out on a professional level in the production hall or on the construction site. Rather, it should be emphasised that welding gloves are also absolutely essential in the private sector for DIY work. After all, the hands are always exposed to direct contact with dangerous radiation and the highest temperatures during this type of work.

Easy handling of the personal protective gloves

The advantage of this special type of personal protection at work lies in its easy handling. Welding gloves can be put on and properly fixed with just a few hand movements. However, when purchasing welding gloves, it is always important to ensure that they are available in different sizes. The final choice of the right one must always correspond to the hand size of the welder. Only close-fitting models guarantee a high level of safety in terms of occupational safety.

Specific performance characteristics of welding gloves

Thanks to special safety concepts, there are selected specimens that not only provide sufficient protection in working life, but also take the comfort factor into account. A high-quality cotton lining plays an important role in this context. Thus, consistently lined welding gloves can be worn comfortably not only in cool outside temperatures, but also during longer working processes. This feature allows welders to benefit from the highest safety standards. At the same time, high-quality specimens offer additional reinforcements at the fingertips for optimum protection in the immediate vicinity of the work process.


Positive features

    Protection against thermal hazards (heat)Protection against mechanical hazards (impact)Highest safety level (according to the European Directive for Personal Protective Equipment (89/686/EEC)Guarantee highest grip, tactile capacity and cleaning High quality manufacturing guarantees durability and high puncture resistance

Negative properties

    Can only be used for welding work.

Safety features of welding gloves

All specimens must not only be of TÜV-tested quality, but must also comply with current GS safety standards. In this way, experts define reliable properties and safety levels of welding gloves. Important in this context are further test seals (“flames”) which guarantee resistance to heat radiation, sparks and direct contact with glowing materials. Furthermore, welding gloves used in Germany must comply with the DIN EN 12477 standard without exception.

What is tested during quality inspections?

Test reports focus on the high quality production of the gloves. They also focus on individual additional safety components such as reinforced individual areas or breathability for comfortable wearing comfort. In terms of finger mobility, testers also examine the flexible use of welding gloves. Under conditions with very high temperatures, the resistance of the welding gloves is also the focus of attention.

Care and cleaning of welding gloves

welder gloves MÜNCHEN II cow grain leather with kevlar lining

Basically all types of protective gloves must be cleaned regularly. It should be noted that cleaning must not under any circumstances impair the protective effect of the welding gloves. Hard brushes for cleaning the upper material are not necessary here, for example, as they can damage the upper material.

As a result, radiation and large amounts of heat get directly into the interior and endanger the health of the welder. The same applies to chemical cleaners. Since welding gloves are often made of robust natural leather, aggressive care and cleaning agents can have a negative effect on functionality. Pure water with mild soaps is preferable.


How much do welding gloves cost?

These protective gloves are available in different price ranges. Some models are less than 10 Euros. In the middle range, however, there are first-class models. These cost between 20 Euro and 70 Euro. However, large, well-known companies prefer high-performance models for daily use. Here the costs are between 400 Euro and 880 Euro.

In this way, companies protect their workers and provide excellent conditions in the factory as well as in the production hall.

Important manufacturers of welding gloves at a glance:

    WELDAS: The quality manufacturer offers high-quality models with various security seals. The special feature of this brand is that experts from the trade are involved in all manufacturing processes. For this reason, the corresponding models not only offer the highest level of security, but also exceptional wearing comfort in a class of their own. A seamless transition of the inner finger is just as important as lined fingertips on both thumbs and index fingers. Full leather gloves are available in sizes M to XL. The use of Kevlar yarn also ensures the best quality standards.CERVA: CERVA has specialised in the reliable production of protective workwear for many years. In addition to high-quality and safety-tested welding gloves, specialists will find a wide range of special accessories for welders in the multi-faceted assortment.FORTIS: Welding gloves from Fortis comply with the two most important standards (EN 420 and EN 388). In addition to the high quality and reliable workmanship, these welding gloves offer everything that is necessary for a safe working environment. Depending on individual preferences, Fortis specialists can choose from a wide range of different models. They will also find what they are looking for when looking for practical accessories for safe processing of workpieces.

Accessories for welding gloves

In addition to protective gloves as the most important element in welding work, extended work equipment is recommended for this trade. This includes the welding apron, which protects the body from hot sparks and dangerous small parts. The welding helmet (head hood) or a special protective shield is also recommended. These serve to effectively protect the face and head area.

What should you pay attention to when buying welding gloves?

The right protective gloves play the most important role in terms of safety for all welding work. When buying welding gloves, always make sure that they are marked with the GS safety seal. This way, buyers can be sure that these certified welding gloves are free of harmful substances.

On the other hand, this quality feature guarantees that all processes directly related to the production of welding gloves are strictly monitored. This not only guarantees the safety but also the durability of this type of protective glove. It is also advisable to purchase models made of breathable materials. Preferably they should be made of soft nappa leather.


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Welding gloves


5 good reasons for welding gloves

    Most important component of personal protective equipment according to 89/686/EEC.mobility remains with good welding gloves and guarantees fine working steps.longer working processes are possible because resistant protective gloves protect against heat as well as mechanical effects.these gloves protect against irreversible damage caused by work accidents and ensure a pleasant working atmosphere.welding gloves offer employees first-class safety conditions

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