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Best Protective Clothing For Welding


You need this protective clothing when welding

More and more do-it-yourselfers are doing smaller welding jobs themselves instead of turning to a workshop. This not only saves time, but also a lot of money. Welding not only requires a suitable welding machine, but also a whole range of accessories. However, some do-it-yourselfers forget about safety at work because of their enthusiasm and pride in their own skills. Welding is a potentially dangerous process because it involves working with high temperatures, open flames and sometimes high voltages or currents. It is therefore essential that welders wear appropriate protective clothing when welding. The purpose of protective welding clothing is to protect the wearer from small splashes of molten metal, sparks, brief contact with flames, heat radiation and UV rays.

On the basis of the leather Premium Welding Set, the components of protective clothing for welders are presented here.

What are the characteristics of the Premium welding set?

The set consists of 3 parts in total:

    Welding apronArm cuffsGloves

The parts are made of natural coloured cowhide and completely frame-sewn. This means that there are no exposed seams. The thread for the seams is made of high-strength DuPont Kevlar, a material that is also used for bulletproof vests.


The apron is long and protects not only the upper body, but also the thighs and crotch. It is attached by adjustable elastic straps. The ends of the cuffs are elastic and thus ensure a secure hold. The welding gloves are five-fingered products that combine maximum protection with freedom of movement.

The most important details in key points

    Material: cow split leatherSeams: DuPont KevlarColour: Natural, golden brownApron size: 91 x 58 cmGloves size: XL (10,5)Processing: Frame stitchedCE certified

What are the advantages of the Premium welding set?

The leather from which the individual parts are made combines excellent protective properties with high wearing comfort. The leather is soft and comfortable to wear. It ensures a high degree of freedom of movement, but offers good protection due to its thickness and robustness. Cowhide is a natural material with fine pores. This makes it breathable and comfortable to wear even in summer for longer work. DuPont Kevlar is used for the seams. This makes them extremely durable. The ball of the hand of the welder’s gloves is especially protected with an extra layer of leather.

What are the disadvantages of the Premium welding set?

In general, the individual parts of the set are well made and fulfil their purpose to the fullest satisfaction. A weak point, however, are the carriers of the leather apron. They do not inspire much confidence and consist of relatively thin elastic, which is certainly not heat-resistant. The same can be said for the closure clips, which are only made of simple plastic.

Another shortcoming is that the gloves are only offered in one size. Users with very small or very large hands may experience difficulties with the fit. Overall, however, these are minor deficiencies which have little or no effect on the usage characteristics.


What is the Premium welding set for?

According to the manufacturer, the welding set is suitable for class 2 welding work, code letter A1. The code letter A1 means that both the material and the seams can resist surface ignition (open flame) for at least 10 seconds. Protection class 2 is the higher protection class. This means that the welding set offers protection against more welding spatter (<25) than less high-quality products< strong>. When the welding spatter hits the leather, the temperature on the back of the leather will rise by a maximum of 40 degrees. Because of the good protection properties, the welding set is suitable for:

    MMA weldingSelf-protective cored wire arc weldingOxygen cuttingPlasma weldingGouging Thermal spray welding

The welding set offers protection when working in confined spaces and for overhead welding.

Which accessories should you still order?

The sweat set offers good protection, but only for the upper body and hands. In your own interest, you should supplement this protection and also get a welding helmet as a suitable head protection and fireproof safety shoes as protective clothing. Only completely protected, you can concentrate on your actual work and do not need to fear injuries or accidents.

Who should buy the premium welding set?

The Premium Welding Set is offered especially for do-it-yourselfers, because it offers good protection against the dangers of welding. Professional welders usually get their protective equipment from their employer. However, as a do-it-yourselfer you have to take care of it yourself. You should never take the subject of occupational safety and health lightly, as the risk of injury is everywhere. It can be particularly dangerous if you “just want to get something done quickly”. For the protection of your health, the relatively low price of the Premium Welding Set should not be too much for you. Appropriate protective equipment is indispensable, especially for dangerous work such as welding.



The Premium Welding Set is popular with buyers because it offers good value for money. It offers good protection against heat, splashes and sparks during welding, but does not restrict the mobility of the wearer. The leather is soft and does not become annoying or annoying even during longer work. For your own protection you should order the welding kit and never work without its protection. As a supplement, protective work shoes and a welding helmet are strongly recommended.

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