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The Value of a Welding Cart


What you get from a welding car

Just a few years ago, welding was an activity reserved for professionals. When a do-it-yourselfer needed welding work, he had to turn to a workshop that did the job for him. That has changed in the meantime. More and more welding machines are available in the trade, which have been specially developed for the needs of do-it-yourselfers. If you want to weld yourself and save a lot of money, it is not enough to buy just one welding machine. You also need a whole range of accessories. These include a welding carriage.

What are the characteristics of the welding carriage?

The welding carriage is also called cylinder carriage, workshop carriage or welding mobile. It is a frame mounted on wheels that is designed to hold most welding equipment. The welding carriage not only provides space for the welding equipment, but also for cylinders with shielding gas and other accessories.

The most important details in key points

Colour blackMaterialSteel plateWeight13.5 kgDimensions70.3 x 43 x 42 cmMobility2 rigidly mounted castors,2 swivel castorsApproved load up to 40 kgNumber of shelves3

What advantages does the welding carriage have?

    It is a robust construction that can withstand the high loads in the workshop or on the construction site. The two rear wheels are large and have solid rubber tyres. This makes the welding carriage easy to push even when fully loaded. The two front swivel castors can turn in any direction. This ensures maximum manoeuvrability of the welding trolley.the welding trolley is designed so that it has a low centre of gravity and does not tip over so quickly even when fully loaded.with its 3 large storage areas, you have plenty of space on the welding trolley, not only for your welding equipment, but also for electrodes, welding rod, slag hammer and other accessories.the height is well thought out so that you do not have to bend down so low to reach the parts

The welding trolley is almost like a small mobile welding workshop, because you have everything you need for work at hand. This saves time and nerves, because search operations are reduced to a minimum.

What disadvantages does the welding carriage have?

For logistical reasons, the welding carriage is only delivered in disassembled condition. The assembly is relatively time-consuming and resembles a jigsaw puzzle. Moreover, the welding car is already quite heavy when empty. Fully loaded it can only be pushed with great difficulty. If it is not used, it takes up a lot of space in the workshop or garage, because it cannot be folded or disassembled.


What is the welding carriage suitable for?

The frame is designed to hold welding equipment with and without gas cylinders. Appropriate safety devices to prevent the cylinders from falling are already available from the manufacturer. There is also sufficient storage space for other accessories.

Who should buy a welding machine?

The trolley is suitable for all do-it-yourselfers who weld on the move, be it on a building site, on the weekend property or in the boathouse. On such occasions the welding trolley is very practical, because with its help you have everything you need at your disposal. Those who work mainly in the workshop, on the other hand, can do without it, because with real do-it-yourselfers everything is within easy reach there anyway.


The welding trolley is a useful accessory that helps you to organise your work better. It makes your job easier because you don’t have to constantly look for things. If you have to weld a lot and are mainly mobile, the welding cart is a great help for you. Its solid steel frame is designed to withstand the strain for many years and can also take a heavy blow or impact. Order the welding trolley today. You will be thrilled and surprised how you have been able to do without the organisational talent for so long.

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