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Who can repair my welder?


Who repairs welding equipment?

Anyone who has bought a welding machine has made an investment in the future. Such a device is everything in the purchase, but not necessarily cheap. This also means that many users will want to use the welding equipment for a long time. But what happens when the unexpected happens? What can you do if the welding machine breaks down? In this case, you should of course do everything possible to get the machine repaired. But then the question inevitably arises: who repairs welding equipment?

The manufacturer can arrange for a repair

Who repairs welding equipment?

First of all, as a user of a defective welding machine, you should check how long ago you bought it. Within a certain period of time, which can vary from supplier to supplier, the manufacturers offer a guarantee. In such a case, the customer service department must be contacted and the equipment sent in. The manufacturer will either repair or replace it.

But even if you no longer have a warranty, you can check if the manufacturer does not give a warranty. Otherwise, many suppliers of welding equipment also offer a repair service, which, depending on what is defective in the equipment, is then liable to pay the owner.

The advantage is of course that the original manufacturer – in case of a possible exchange of parts – also uses original parts.

Saviour in need: the local specialist store

If the manufacturer should cross, the way to the local DIY store remains. You may even have bought the device here – in this case, make sure you take the receipt with you. A repair service is often offered in the local DIY or specialist store. In this case you leave the welding machine there and you will be notified as soon as it can be picked up. Of course this costs money – but usually at least a free estimate can be made. So you know what to expect.


Friends and acquaintances or the Internet can also help

Who repairs welding equipment?

Another possibility, the cheapest option with a little luck: ask around in the circle of acquaintances and friends. Maybe someone knows someone who can repair a welding machine. You can also ask on the Internet, perhaps there are instructions on how to repair it. But this works in very few cases and only if only a small thing is defective. Better is there – despite possible costs – the way to a professional.

Otherwise, you can also place a classified ad in the local newspaper looking for a person who can repair welding equipment. The notice board in the nearest supermarket or at the village community centre can also help here.

With a bit of luck, someone is even already offering exactly such services.

At a glance: here the defective welding equipment is repaired

    Ask the manufacturer of the deviceInquire at your local retailerPlace a classified adInquire among your acquaintancesSearch for a specialist on the bulletin board

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