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Best Welder For Your Car – The Guide


Attention all who need a welding machine for cars ! Here you can find out which welding machines are suitable for working on cars and which model is especially recommended.

There are numerous welding machines on the market. In addition, there are many different models, so the choice is not easy.

Often a bad purchase is made and people ruin their car parts because of the poor selection. That does not have to be ! A little research is already enough.

We will help you choose a good and suitable welding machine for your car, so that you can achieve the best possible results and everything will work smoothly when welding car parts.

The best welding machines for the car !

Time to clarify which welding equipment is suitable for work on the car at all. There are a total of 3 variations that should be preferred. Some more and some less are recommended.


We are talking about inert gas welding equipment, cored wire welding equipment and TIG welding equipment. Whereby the shielding gas welding equipment is by far the best choice. Here a small ranking with explanation.

1st place : Inert gas Welder

The ideal welding equipment for the car and therefore the first choice when it comes to achieving fast and good results. Even as a beginner, the chances of success are very high, as small mistakes do not have fatal consequences. This also reduces the overall risk of car parts becoming unusable.

In addition, there is no need to remove the slag. There is no slag at all. So you don’t have to knock it off with a slag hammer and it protects the body parts.

Added to this is the very good experience in welding thin sheets. With an inert gas welding machine you can weld thin sheets very well and quite easily. Especially when working on the car you often have to deal with thin car sheet metal, so this is a very important point.


2nd place : Cored wire welding equipment

The cored wire welding machine is clearly the worse choice, but much cheaper and therefore a super cheap and mobile alternative to the shielding gas welding machine.

Why also a mobile alternative ? This is because a cored wire welding machine is not susceptible to wind and can therefore be used outside the workshop or garage.

In addition, it also has a very fine spray arc and therefore there is hardly any distortion of the car sheet metal even after long periods of use.

On the other hand, one unfortunately has to struggle with cinder. This must be knocked off with a slag hammer. In addition, with cored wire welding equipment, the motto is: Either you can do it or you can’t. It is not as beginner-friendly as the shielding gas welding machine and the work can quickly turn into a catastrophe


The welding of thin sheets is also possible here and is therefore overall a suitable welding machine for cars.

3rd place : TIG welding machine

The TIG welding machine is also recommended as a welding machine for cars, but only if you know how to use it 100%. This is a tool for professionals and requires a lot of practice.

The welding filler is added separately and you need a lot of sensitivity. But if you have overcome the initial difficulties, you will be rewarded with very nice seams. It is also a very clean procedure.

You should pay attention to this when making your selection !

Before you decide to buy a special welding machine for your car, you should check some data & figures so that it does not fail in the end because of a bad model. Therefore pay attention to the following points:

good duty cycle flexible control large power interval integrated protection devices

Cheap and good : A solid welding machine for the car !

Now of course you want to have a suitable, but also reliable and durable welding machine. It should work properly and simply not cause any problems.

Our recommendation : Einhell shielding gas welding machine BT-GW 150

It is a very inexpensive shielding gas welding machine and offers a great price/performance ratio. We have not been able to find a cheaper shielding gas welding machine that works so well.

Surely it is not the best and has some minor flaws, but for the price it is much better than expected and for the hobbyist and do-it-yourselfer completely sufficient.


Those who want more must dig deeper into their pockets. But this is usually not necessary at all.

You are also welcome to read our detailed test report on the Einhell BT-GW 150 shielding gas welding machine. In this sense: Have fun with the search for the right welding device for your car.

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