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Where can you buy a used welder?


Where can you buy used welding equipment?

Where can you buy used welding equipment?

If you need a welding machine, you inevitably ask yourself the question: where can you get the desired machine? Welding equipment is very practical and versatile – many hobbyists would even go so far as to say that a welding machine belongs in every well-equipped workshop – but such equipment also costs a lot. As a potential buyer you have to ask yourself: “Do I really need a brand new and originally packed welding machine?

Anyone who asks himself this question and then answers it honestly is clever – because: a used and still well-preserved welding machine does the job just as well as a new machine – but the purchase costs only a fraction of that. But if you have decided to buy a used welding machine, you will inevitably ask yourself the following question: “Where can you buy used welding machines?

Demonstration models from the local DIY store

There are numerous possibilities to buy a used welding machine. A popular option is the local hardware store. Here you can always ask if there are any unused machines available for a smaller price. It doesn’t matter whether it is exhibition equipment or demonstration models from various fairs.

The advantage is that the retail sellers naturally take great care to ensure that the device is also in perfect condition.

A good solution: Search by classified ad

Another way to buy a cheap and used device is through local classified ads. First you can see if someone wants to get rid of their welding machine on the notice board of the municipality or in the local advertising newspaper. If this is not the case, you can of course place your own want ad. With a little luck, someone will contact you and bring the used equipment directly to your home.


The online way: huge offer

Where can you buy used welding equipment?

If you are not lucky on the spot, you still have the possibility to look on the internet. Especially on bidding sites like ebay and Co. you can be quite successful. Here there are always numerous users who want to get rid of their welding equipment. This is also the big advantage of an online search: the offer is huge and the chance of finding what you are looking for is also very high.

Nevertheless, the way via the Internet also offers dangers. For example, the welding equipment can only be checked online after receipt, whereas when buying on site, the equipment can be checked before the money is handed over.

In most cases it is also the case online that the seller does not give any return or guarantee.

At a glance: How to find a good used welding machine

But one thing is certain: whoever is looking for a used welding machine will certainly find it sooner or later. If you search conscientiously and check the equipment first – to make sure it is in perfect condition – there should be no unpleasant surprises.

Here once again an overview of the possibilities to search for a used welding machine:

    Ask in the local DIY storeSearch in the local classifiedsPlace your own want adBuy a device at an auction on the InternetFriends and acquaintances Questions

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