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Tacklife Helmet Review


The Tacklife welding helmet PAH03D

For a long time, welding helmets were only reserved for professionals. They were simply too expensive for use by do-it-yourselfers. Many do-it-yourselfers and occasional welders used welding helmets or even simple goggles that only protected their eyes. Fortunately, those days are over. Today, good welding helmets are available at a price that do-it-yourselfers can afford. They not only protect the eyes, but the whole head and even the neck. One of the best products of this type is the Tacklife PAH03D welding helmet.

What are the characteristics of Tacklife PAH03D?

The product belongs to the category of automatic welding helmets. This means that its power supply is provided by integrated, high-performance solar cells. The welding helmet is equipped with 4 sensors that detect the incident light and initiate the automatic darkening process within a few milliseconds. The switch from dark to light is also automatic. The welding helmet offers a permanent protection of level DIN16 against UV radiation and heat (IR). The product is made of polyamide (nylon), which is characterised by robustness at low weight.

The most important product features in key points:

Weight998 gramsDimensions302 x 240 x 230 millimetresPower supplySolar cellsSwitching time light – dark25 millisecondsSwitching time dark – light0.1 – 1 second

What is included in delivery?

The outer packaging in which the PAH03D is delivered contains not only the welding helmet itself, but also a storage bag, 6 replacement lenses for the viewing glasses and the operating instructions.

What are the benefits of Tacklife PAH03D?

The welding helmet has some special features that distinguish it from other products of this type. For example, the welding mask is not equipped with 2 sensors as usual, but instead with 4 sensors. They quickly and reliably detect the glaring light of the welding flame and ensure that the darkening works smoothly.


The good quality of the Tacklife welding helmet is also evident in the power supply. Other welding helmets only use solar cells for this purpose, whereas the PAH03D has an integrated Li-Ion battery with its buffer function to ensure a trouble-free power supply. The manufacturer speaks of an operating time of up to 3 years.

The field of vision of the helmet is particularly large. This helps you to keep a clear view when welding. The welding protection filter with top optical class also makes a big contribution to this. It reproduces even the smallest details without distortion and streaks and reliably protects your eyes. Every welder knows that good visibility is the basic requirement for quality welding work.

The helmet is also characterized by a shapely design and good ergonomics. It can be adjusted exactly to the shape of your head and prevents neck muscle fatigue through its combination of support straps and low weight.

What are the disadvantages?

Most users are satisfied with the PAH03D. A few reported problems with the headband, which kept coming off by itself while working, so the welding helmet had to be constantly reattached. Other buyers reported that there were apparently problems at the final inspection because some elements for adjustment and attachment were missing.


What is Tacklife PAH03D suitable for?

According to the manufacturer’s specifications, the welding helmet is suitable for MIG/WIG/MAG/SMAW welding processes, plasma beam cutting, arc welding, gas shielded arc welding and a whole range of other processes.

Who should buy Tacklife PAH03D?

The welding helmet is ideal for anyone who has to do welding work from time to time and needs good protection for eyes and head. With the PAH03D they have found a suitable product that meets these requirements but does not cost a small fortune. Moreover, the welding helmet is easy to use and comfortable to wear. This makes it well suited for those who do not weld all the time and are not so experienced in handling the equipment.


Tacklife PAH03D is a good quality welding helmet with a number of advantages over similar products from other manufacturers. Such features are usually only found in welding helmets of a higher price range. That is why Tacklife PAH03D offers excellent value for money. The helmet works reliably in everyday use and has a long service life. Even professional welders praise the welding helmet. If you put the low price in relation to the high benefit, it is recommended that you buy the product if you value quality but do not want to pay an unreasonably high price.

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