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Best Stick Electrode Tested


Electrodes / stick electrodes Test

The electrodes / stick electrodes for welding machines offer us a completely new experience when it comes to welding. So it is not surprising that the device is becoming more and more popular. The high demand means that more and more manufacturers are bringing more and more models onto the market, which differ in performance, design and handling.

Electrodes / stick electrodes for welding equipment

It is difficult to keep an overview and the decision to buy is a long way off. In order to still provide an overview of the numerous models, they are regularly tested and compared with each other. The test evaluations are made available to interested parties and provide all relevant information, which is important both before and after the purchase.


The rod electrode is a mineral-coated metal rod which is used for welding work.

How does an electrode(s) / stick electrodes for welding equipment work?

If we are talking about the new experience already mentioned with regard to electrodes / stick electrodes for welding equipment, this statement naturally refers to the omission of various components. Because an electrode welding machine requires neither a filler wire nor a gas cylinder. Instead, an electrode / stick electrode is used, which is not only the electrode but also the filler metal. As a rule, the electrodes / stick electrodes are used for welding machines to join workpieces of about 2 mm thickness.

In terms of price, the electrodes / stick electrodes clearly outperform competing devices in the race. Low-priced models are already available from 50 EUR.

Possible applications

Stanley 460215 Mikromig MIG/MAG welder / welding machine

The electrodes / stick electrodes for welding equipment are definitely not always the best choice. That is why prospective buyers should think very carefully before buying, for which purposes the equipment should be used. Electrodes / stick electrodes for welding machines are always recommended when more robust or solid components are to be welded and thin sheet metal and other fine work are not on the agenda.

The electrodes / stick electrodes for welding machines are also suitable whenever the user wants a handy and light welding machine that can be used outdoors and does not stop when it gets dirty or rusty. The electrodes / stick electrodes are also suitable for beginners, who can purchase a low-cost model to be able to work on and practice with.

Suitable for whom?

Electrodes / stick electrodes for welding equipment are not only aimed at experienced craftsmen. Also beginners have the possibility to gain first experiences with these devices. The electrodes / stick electrodes for welding machines are quite inexpensive to buy, which is why it is also worthwhile buying them for test purposes.


Silverline 427677 Turbo-MIG cored wire welding machine 55-120 A

When working with the electrode / stick electrode for welding machines, the electrode serves as the positive pole and the workpiece as the negative pole. A clamp is used to connect one pole to the workpiece or a bare part of it. The other is connected to the electrode holder, which brings the electrode end to the point to be welded. This causes an arc, which results in a short circuit.


In this process, energy is bundled, which together with the electric arc provides high temperatures that cause the metal parts to melt. After the ends have cooled down, the workpieces are firmly connected. In order to work with the electrode / stick electrode for welding equipment, a welding machine is required which converts the alternating current of the mains into an alternating current with high current intensity and low voltage. Inverters or welding transformers can be used for this.

Performance features

With the numerous models which are offered on the market, there are of course many differences. Basically, the individual devices differ in performance. However, it is also relevant which degree of protection the device provides. A further performance characteristic is the welding current in A and the control range in A.

Positive features

    Electrodes / stick electrodes for silence devices are easy to transportNo cored wire and gas bottle requiredThe devices are inexpensive to purchaseAlso suitable for beginnersCan also be used outdoors

Security features

GYS electrode welding machine 130 A green inverter 3200

Caution: The UV rays, heat, bright arc and flying sparks can have a harmful effect on health during welding. It is therefore important that every user pays special attention to occupational safety. Therefore, wear sturdy clothing that covers your entire body and does not catch fire easily. This includes leather gloves, of course. It is also advisable to wear a leather apron, which provides additional protection for the body. Here the question arises whether a hand shield is sufficient or whether it should be a complete welding helmet after all.

This question can be answered quite simply: The hand shield is much cheaper to buy, but also less practical to use. Keep in mind that you have to hold a hand shield in your hand all the time, which is why it is only something for trained hands. However, if you choose a welding helmet, you will have both hands free for working. Wearing protective goggles alone is not enough, as the sensitive skin of the face would still be exposed to UV radiation. During your welding work you must ensure that observers do not look into the arc. For safety reasons, you should ensure that you always keep your working area dry and clean.


The earth pole must be fixed to the workpiece. This must be done before you put the device into operation. After all, currents of more than 100 amperes are required to generate the arc. Also remember that harmful vapours, gases, dust and fumes are released during welding. For this reason, you should only ever weld in well-ventilated areas.

Also make sure that your work area is fireproof so that the sparks cannot cause any damage.

What is tested?

When the electrodes / stick electrodes are examined more closely, the focus is placed on certain evaluation criteria. These criteria include the price-performance ratio, the processing on the housing, the scope of delivery, the mode of operation, the handling and the generated weld seam.

Care and cleaning

In principle, care should be taken to keep the workplace clean and to protect the welding equipment from contamination. Nevertheless, welding spatter occurs during work, which should be removed from the unit immediately after work, including a cooling phase. This can be done with lukewarm water and a soft cloth.

What does an electrode(s) / stick electrode(s) for welding equipment cost ?

The electrodes / stick electrodes for welding machines are the cheapest way to purchase a welding machine. Cheap models are available on the Internet from as little as 50 EUR, which makes the device ideal for testing purposes for beginners.


The 3 major manufacturers and their respective characteristics

    One of the big names in the industry is certainly the company GYS. Here, interested parties have the opportunity to buy welding equipment, use the battery service or have car bodies repaired. Another big name is Güde, which is distinguished by its extensive product portfolio. The company offers innumerable machines and tools for the most diverse fields of work and is innovative in the field of battery management at Einhell. And here too, interested parties have the opportunity to buy or rent tools and machines.

What accessories are available?

Electrodes / stick electrodes for welding equipment

Various accessories are available for the electrodes / stick electrodes. Before purchasing, please make sure which parts are included in the scope of delivery and read the product descriptions carefully. Because they are not always complete sets, it can happen that important parts are missing after purchase. Especially if you are just about to start welding and have no possibility to get the missing parts. Therefore make sure that important parts such as the fan cooling, the slag hammer, the welding shield or the carrying strap are already included.

The 3 top sellers at Amazon

    The Merkle MobiARC 160 mobile is one of the top sellers at Amazon. The electrode welding machine is suitable for ambitious do-it-yourselfers, for professionals and semi-professionals. The device impresses above all with its clean workmanship and a good price-performance ratio. As the product name already suggests, the device is intended for mobile use and therefore portable.the Güde GIS 200 is considerably more expensive. the professional device achieves excellent results in the test and ensures that even beginners quickly produce clean welds.the GYS MIG MAG Smartmig 162 impresses visually not only by its eye-catching design, but also scores with its ease of use. Thus the equipment is not only suitable for dyed-in-the-wool craftsmen, but can also be used by beginners without hesitation. The rollers with which the device can be easily transported were particularly positive in the test.

5 good reasons for electrodes / stick electrodes for welding equipment

    Electrodes / stick electrodes for welding machines are already available for less than 50 EUR.the devices are ideal for beginners and for test purposes.they can be delivered in d

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