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How does a shielding gas welder work?


How does an inert gas welding machine work?

As the name suggests, the shielding gas welding machine works with gas. However, in contrast to regular gas welding, the non-flammable gas is used here as protection. This means that the welding equipment is primarily powered by a mains plug – i.e. by electricity.

For comparison

How does an inert gas welding machine work?

During gas welding or brazing an enormous heat is developed by flammable gas, under which the metal parts to be welded are joined together with the so-called weld seam. In the gas shielded welding machine this enormous heat does not occur. The weld seam or the welding spot is only surrounded by a hot heat beam, which is generated by the gas. The oxidation known from welding is avoided by preventing a connection between the welding piece with oxygen or carbon.

At the same time, welding under inert gas guarantees a stronger and more stable weld seam that is permanently resistant to corrosion because it is protected from dirt and moisture during the welding process.

How high is the danger when using a shielding gas welding machine?

Welding with an inert gas welding machine is significantly less dangerous than with conventional gas torches. An open flame does not occur, as the resulting arc between the welding piece and the welding electrode is heated in an inert gas atmosphere, which cannot start to burn.

Components and ingredients of protective gas

How does an inert gas welding machine work?

The main components of this special shielding gas are argon and carbon dioxide, but also helium, nitrogen or hydrogen, as well as oxygen can be contained in the shielding gas as a material mixture. During the welding process, this gas mixture prevents air and dirt particles from penetrating and thus guarantees a clean and durable weld seam, which also protects against soot deposits or tarnishing of the material.


For which workpieces is the use of an inert gas welding machine suitable?

Especially for the processing of thicker metal parts, such as cast pipes or car parts, a shielding gas welding machine is often used. As a rule, welding is not only fast and safe, but also targeted and clean. In gas-shielded welding, a distinction is made between two different sub-processes according to DIN 1910-100.

These are tungsten inert gas welding (WSG) and metal inert gas welding (MSG).

What is required for use with inert gas welding equipment?

First and foremost, the use of a tested and safe welding machine is indispensable. And of course, the gas cylinder must not be missing. Without the shielding gas you would not be able to get the device to work. Furthermore, even when working with the shielding gas welding equipment, safety goggles or shields should never be dispensed with. This is necessary to protect the eyes from the glaring flashes of light, as well as any flying sparks and the resulting burns.

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