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Shielding Gas Selection Guide


What does shielding gas cost and where can I get it?

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The shielding gas is indispensable for MIG and MAG welding.

It protects the materials from the atmosphere and enables clean welding seams that meet even the highest demands.

Besides the question of the right shielding gas, there is also the question, “Where do I get the gas from?”


What is the correct shielding gas?

Where do I get my shielding gas?

Various gases are used and also mixed as inert gases. Different mixtures or mixing ratios are also used for different metals.

The welding process also plays a role in the choice of shielding gases. For this reason, it is not possible to make a general distinction between “right” and “wrong” shielding gases.

Further information can be found in the article “What is inert gas” and a separate article on the selection of gases is being created here.

Where do I get the gas?

But the different gases have one thing in common: You get them in a gas bottle. There are different ways to get the gas.

    Rent a gas bottle:The easiest way is of course to rent a gas bottle. Besides the costs for the gas filling, you will also have to pay the rental costs of the bottle, which you can get for example in every major hardware store. For private persons, however, this model is often too expensive and therefore not profitable. protective gas in the exchange cylinder:Another possibility is to store the protective gas in an exchange cylinder. This means that you have to pay the costs for the gas cylinder once. When the cylinder becomes empty, you can simply exchange it for a full gas cylinder at the dealer of your choice. Then only the new gas charge is paid. You do not have to worry about anything else. The new gas bottle has already been tested by the German TÜV and if you no longer need the gas or the gas bottle, you can return the empty bottle. You will then be refunded the price of the bottle. refilling your own gas bottle:Besides renting or exchanging gas bottles, there is of course the possibility to buy the gas bottle. The advantage of this is that the bottle is your property, but you are then responsible for it yourself! you have to take care of the TÜV yourself and the filling can take several days or weeks. for this purpose the empty bottle has to be sent to the dealer. but if you only weld very little, this way is the cheapest.

Five liters, 10 liters or 20 liters? How much do I need?

Besides the gas itself, the quantity also plays a major role. There is nothing more annoying than when the gas is empty at the weekend. If one buys too little, this scenario is not at all so ponderous.

But if you buy far too much instead, most of the gas remains unused and the costs are much higher.

But how much gas is the right amount depends on where and how much you want to weld.

More gas is needed outdoors or in the stairwell than in the windless workshop. If you still need to practice, you should also plan for a larger amount.


5 litres is too little for major repairs. But with these you are mobile and can quickly change the location.

The 20 litre bottle, on the other hand, is very bulky and heavy. On the other hand, they are ideal for a workshop where the welding equipment does not have to be moved much.

The 10 litre bottles, which have a sufficiently large filling volume but are still not too bulky, are suitable as an average value.


Here again the advantages and disadvantages of “rent”, “exchange” and “buy” are listed.

Rent a gas cylinderQuick & easyAvailable in every major DIY storeBottles are TÜV-certifiedNo waiting times for fillingMonthly rental feesReplacement bottleQuick & easyAvailable in every major DIY storeBottles are TÜV-certifiedNo waiting times for fillingThe gas cylinder belongs to youLong waiting times for refilling possibleYou have to take care of the TÜV yourself

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