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Best Welder For Body Sheet Metal


Which welding machine for car body sheet metal?

Which welding machine for car body sheet metal?

Which welding equipment is best suited for welding car body sheet metal depends on which materials are to be joined together and whether the vehicle is to be overhauled, repaired or completely rebuilt.

Multi-spot welding stations

With regard to the rebuilding of a car body, the so-called spot welding is usually used by the industry. In this process, the individual body parts are pressed together at one point by two electrodes facing each other, which causes current to flow into the sheets, which then melt. The generated pressure supports the stable connection after and during the current flow. As the melted elements solidify again, the weld seam is created. Suitable welding tools used in this process are spot-welding guns, manually operated welding guns and multi-point welding stations.

WIG/MIG and MAG welding processes

Which welding machine for car body sheet metal?

When welding an average mid-range car, an average of around 3,600 to 3,800 welding spots are applied. During a repair, the defective elements are removed, the new ones inserted and all edges deburred. Both resistance welding methods and gas-shielded welding methods are suitable for this purpose. Gas-shielded welding processes include TIG, MIG and MAG welding, which are suitable for welding car body bleach. In these welding processes an arc burns between the workpiece and the wire electrode, which is surrounded by a nozzle from which the shielding gas escapes.

These protective gases are divided into active and inert gases, which means that the gases either have an active or no connection with the material.

The difference between the TIG, MIG and MAG methods is that the TIG method is only current-carrying and the so-called tungsten electrode does not melt away. In the MIG/MAG welding process, the electrode melts away and represents the welding filler metal. In general, when welding car body sheet metal, the temperature should always be observed to prevent the sheets from burning through.


Standard MAG welding equipment

Standard MAG welding machines are usually the right choice for welding car body bleaching, because most tasks can be carried out well with them. In terms of equipment, MAG and MIG welding machines are the same models.

The only difference lies in the protective gases used.

CO2-argon mix for body sheet metal

A CO2-argon mix or CO2 is suitable for common car sheet metal or stainless steel. This is referred to as metal active gas welding. Aluminium and copper, on the other hand, require pure argon, an inert gas that does not react chemically with the molten metal. This is then referred to as metal inert gas welding.

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