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Best Safety Glasses


Safety goggles Test

Safety goggles are back in strong demand. They are not only an important part of the work of many professional groups, but are also used in laboratories and institutes. However, with such urgent importance, they should never be misunderstood as a “fashion trend”. It is essential for many areas. As the name already makes unmistakably clear, safety glasses offer protection.

This is to protect you from all kinds of adverse effects that occur when working with potentially dangerous chemical substances or glass that is fragile. For a while it seemed that safety glasses went out of fashion because many workers did not use them, but they are definitely very important. Otherwise, it can lead to unsightly accidents at work, which can result in long periods of sick leave.

Definition: What is safety eyewear?

Safety goggles

It is basically a normal pair of glasses, but it covers the entire eye area up to the ears (similar to diving goggles). Their purpose is to protect the human eye from harmful influences at work or during sports. For example, they are used for welding, glass-blowing, mowing the grass or for swimming.

It is made similar to optical glasses, and is also fixed behind the ears of the worker or sportsman with the help of temples (although sometimes made of rubber, again an analogy to diving goggles). The very important, absolutely tight fit of these glasses is ensured by an individually adjustable rubber band behind these temples.


How do safety goggles work?

Protective goggles are professionally put on like real optical glasses. This can sometimes be unusual for someone who does not use optical glasses in private life and at work and is therefore not used to wearing glasses in general. Such persons, who have never worn safety glasses before, will have to be instructed very briefly on how to wear them.

You go about your usual business and from now on your glasses will protect you from splashes, splashes, small elements flying around, water and from chemicals or small particles.

You go about your usual business and from now on your glasses will protect you from splashes, splashes, small elements flying around, water and from chemicals or small particles.

It is pulled over the head and then it is determined whether it is also firmly and equally protective at both eyes and whether it does not press behind the ears or generally constricts the head. Then it can already start with work and sports.

The possible applications

Stamos Germany – S-MMA 200PI – Manual electric welding machine

As already explained, the glasses can be used when working with hazardous chemicals, as well as for rather unpleasant work for the eye like mowing high grass (with a combine harvester). In general, they should be used wherever irritation or allergies or severe impairment of the optic nerves may occur. Sometimes even explicit eye protection is required by law at work, so the employer must also ensure that workers wear appropriate protective goggles.


For whom are the safety glasses suitable?

Roughly speaking, safety glasses are actually suitable for anyone who is not allergic to the materials of which they are made, possibly acrylic glass and rubber. Children can also wear protective glasses, but here they are smaller in diameter or the circumference of the head must be measured individually in order to measure the size of the head and perhaps also the distance between the child’s eyes during manufacture.

The handling

The handling of safety glasses is very easy: They are always used when eye protection is needed. They are simply pulled over the head and placed on the nose like standard glasses. However, it is important to make sure that the eyes are completely covered by the glasses and that they fit well, thus protecting all sensitive areas of the face, even near the eyes.

The performance features

Safety glasses can also be optically aligned if necessary, perhaps more important for people with a laboratory who need to see sharply. A safety goggle, which is standardized or normed, must cover a certain area of skin and protect against measured units. . They must not be permeable, so they must be completely waterproof.

Safety goggles must in any case be capable of protecting the eyes of the person wearing them

Positive features

    stable shape heat resistant protects sensitive eye area

Negative properties

    may cause allergies in rare cases

Security features

FULLEX CT 525 A 3 in combination welding unit

If possible, the lens and the frame of the safety glasses should be made of the same material. If this is not the case, they must be marked separately according to EU standards. The CE mark and protective packaging also belong to the spectacles.


The mark of the manufacturer of the spectacles must also be present. The current standard for safety glasses is number 166 in the EU. For wearers of optical glasses, there are larger, more voluminous protective glasses available so that they can also be worn over optical glasses if necessary.

How much do protective goggles cost?

The cost of protective goggles varies greatly depending on the individual application of the glasses. A very inexpensive pair of protective goggles is available from approx. 11 Euro. Industrial protective goggles for welders or chemical workers are of course sensitively more expensive, but the cost of purchasing these goggles is covered.

What is tested?

Safety glasses are tested, according to EU standard. As already mentioned, there are optical and non optical safety glasses.

Care and cleaning

The care of safety glasses is as follows: After performing the activity, clean it thoroughly with a special liquid (or just with water and a little soap when mowing) and place it in a specially made spectacle case or in the packaging. The worker is responsible for cleaning. Otherwise, no special maintenance regulations must be observed.


The 3 major manufacturers of safety glasses and their characteristics

    HILTI safety glasses: They are available in the colours light (for working in dark, closed rooms) and dark grey (for working outside or in light rooms). The close-fitting lenses offer perfect protection and of course the glasses are 100% UV-protect safe. In addition, HILTI offers safety glasses with half protection and full protection (with full protection these have fabric straps on the side).Fielmann: The company produces not only optical glasses but also safety glasses for work. Features include compliance with 89/686/EWG guidelines and the adaptable, optimum fit.Bolle Safety: The German company also produces safety glasses with special lenses for particularly cold or hot environments.

Accessories for safety goggles

There are spare temples for the goggles as well as spare rubber bands that can be used to attach them. Apart from that, there are actually only the safety glasses themselves. The case of the goggles can also be optionally purchased, as well as the cleaning fluid and if necessary cleaning cloths.

What to look for when buying?

When buying safety glasses you should make sure that they fit really well (if necessary, try them on before purchase if possible, in case of a bulk order they should be tested by at least 3 people with different head circumferences), it is also important to make sure that the glasses really meet the valid EU standard.

Then it can be guaranteed that they offer maximum protection.

The fact that the glasses themselves are free of harmful substances reduces the risk of possible allergies. The glasses should make a good haptic impression and of course be stable. They should not break under any circumstances and should cover the eyes really well. A draft must never be felt when trying on the glasses, otherwise they have not been processed well. The lens must be clear (if so manufactured) and must not tint even if worn for a long time.

The 3 top sellers at Amazon

Safety goggles
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5 good reasons for safety glasses

    Safety goggles are the ideal prerequisite for starting delicate work.safety goggles provide safety.safety goggles ensure clear vision in any kind of work, no matter how dirty.safety goggles are essential for chemical substances.the eyes are worth wearing safety goggles!

The safety goggles are recommended for any activity involving liquids or potentially dangerous chemicals!


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