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Proteco P800 E-C Welding Helmet Review


Solar welding helmet P800 E-C from Proteco

A welding helmet with an automatic darkening function is designed to protect the eyes and face from dangers such as harmful radiation, sparks and splashes. The P800 E-C welding helmet from the manufacturer Proteco also has this aim and uses the latest technology.

Functions of the P800 E-C:

This welding helmet from the manufacturer Proteco is made of impact-resistant plastic and weighs about 480 grams. The P800 E-C works with the safest and most reliable technology: After the arc is ignited, the solar cells are fed by the welding light and the filter cassette is operated fully automatically by the solar energy produced. This guarantees that the blackout function works perfectly.

The corresponding LCD filter cassette has a six-layer structure, thus providing optimum protection against hazards. If the arc is ignited, the filter darkens within 0.00004 seconds. The desired protection level can be adjusted here from DIN 9-13 depending on the type of welding. The filter cassette also has a practical self-test function.

The sensitivity of the high performance sensors can also be adjusted as desired. These built-in sensors react already from a welding current/light current of 5 Ampere. The adjustment is infinitely variable and can be finely adjusted. The adjustment of the return delay from dark to light can be made from SHORT to MEDIUM to LONG.


The P800 E-C welding helmet is ideal for the following welding jobs:

MIG, MAG, CO2, WIG/TIG, electrode welding, plasma welding, plasma cuttingIt is possible to deactivate the automatic darkening for the grinding mode. This makes this helmet ideal for pure grinding, roughing and cutting work.

Another very practical feature of the P800 E-C is that all of the above-mentioned adjustments are made on the outside of the helmet, so there is no need to remove the welding helmet. This feature provides constant protection and saves additional time, as the helmet settings can be changed on site and while wearing it.

A new headband mechanism allows the helmet wearer to perform five different adjustment modes independently.

Information about the P800 E-C at a glance:

The switching response times:

Manufacturer:PROTECOMaterial:Impact-resistant plasticTotal weight:about 480 gramsField of vision:98 x 43 mmPower supply:Solar cellsSwitch on/off:AutomaticProtection level control:Externally adjustable from DIN9 – DIN13UV/IR Protection:DIN16Sensitivity of
From light to dark state:0.00004 secondsFrom dark to light state: within 0.1 – 1.0 seconds. Adjustable in 3 steps
Proteco P800 E-C 9.4 Helmet 10.0/10 Reaction time 8.0/10 for do-it-yourselfers 10.0/10 for professionals 9.0/10 Price/performance 10.0/10 Advantages Also suitable for spectacle wearers Fully automatic solar operation Welding and grinding mode incl. 10 spare lenses Super price/performance ratio Disadvantages Not known View at Amazon

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