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Best Pressure Reducer


A good pressure reducer

In recent years, do-it-yourselfers have also been welding more and more with inert gas. The constantly growing range of appropriate welding equipment certainly contributes to this. Often a pressure reducer or pressure regulator is included in the scope of delivery of these welding machines, but their quality usually leaves a lot to be desired. If you want to use your gas-shielded welding equipment optimally, it is advisable to spend a little more money and order a high-quality pressure regulator separately.

What are the characteristics of the pressure reducer?

A high-quality pressure reducer is equipped with 2 displays. This article introduces you to such a measuring device from the dealer IPOTOOLS.

    On the first display you can read the cylinder pressure. The red scale shows the pressure in psi (Pound per Square Inch). This unit of measurement is mainly used in the USA and other Anglo-Saxon countries. More common for German do-it-yourselfers is the black scale with the unit of measurement bar. The second display is a flow meter, which uses liters per minute as a unit of measurement. On this instrument, the black scale shows the flow rate when using carbon dioxide and the red scale shows the flow rate when using argon.

The cylinder connection corresponds to the German standard. The pressure reducer is provided with a right-hand thread. The flow is regulated continuously with the integrated rotary control.

The first display shows you the filling level of your gas cylinder via the cylinder pressure. You need the flow meter to set the protective gas correctly. The following rule of thumb will help you to find a good reference value: Wire size in mm x 10 = ltr./min

The most important product details in key points:

Weight1,200gmaximum pressure315 barCylinder connectionW 21.8 x 1/14″(German Standard)Hose nozzle6 – 8 mmRight-hand thread

What advantages does the pressure reducer offer

The device is robust because it is made of solid metal. It requires no maintenance and will give you many years of faithful service when used as intended. Thanks to the standard connection, the pressure reducer fits on almost all common gas cylinders. The two displays are very clearly arranged and easy to read. The pressure can be adjusted continuously with the rotary control. The pressure reducer has a simple design and functions effectively. An operating manual is basically superfluous.


What can the pressure reducer be used for?

The pressure reducer is approved for use with argon and carbon dioxide (CO²). It is an ideal accessory for gas shielded arc welding using the MIG, MAG, TIG and TIG processes and is designed for a maximum pressure of 315 bar and a flow rate of 30 l/min. The flow rate can be adjusted with an accuracy of 0.5 l/min.

Does the pressure reducer also have disadvantages?

The vast majority of buyers are very satisfied with the device. However, some report that it leaks quickly or that the pressure relief valve is broken. Sometimes the flow rate cannot be precisely regulated. Although the control knob has been opened, no gas is escaping. However, these shortcomings are only minor.

Who should buy this pressure reducer?

The device was designed especially for demanding do-it-yourselfers who already have experience in welding with shielding gas. Do-it-yourself gas shielded arc welding machines are supplied with a pressure reducer, but experience has shown that these are cheap machines with only one indicator, which regulate the gas flow poorly and often leak. This affects the quality of the weld seams and unnecessarily consumes expensive shielding gas. This pressure reducer is a good alternative because it works reliably.


This pressure reducer is a good investment for all do-it-yourselfers who often weld with inert gas.


The device is made of solid material. It works reliably and maintenance-free. In addition to these excellent characteristics, the pressure reducer also offers a good price-performance ratio. It fits the gas cylinders commonly used in Germany. The material of the pressure regulator is corrosion-resistant. Therefore it can be stored without hesitation in the cellar or garage or workshop. When used properly, the pressure regulator has at least as long a service life as the welding equipment itself. Every serious do-it-yourselfer knows that the basics of good work include not only skill and expertise, but also good tools. A good and reliable pressure reducer for gas shielded arc welding definitely belongs in this category!

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