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Guide to MIG Welding


The inert gas welding machine

Gas shielded arc welding is one of the arc welding processes. In addition to a 230 volt power connection, a cylinder shielding gas is required to protect the arc and weld seam from oxidation. Normally it is transported by a feed motor (wire feeder) at the respective set speed inside the welding hose to the torch.

You benefit from the following advantages with a gas-shielded welding machine

    A gas-shielded welding device can be used for different types of metal from 0.5 mm material thickness.the welding process optimised with shielding gas guarantees reliably high welding quality.a reduced arc keeps the welding temperature constantly low, which leads to less distortion on the component.hardly any toxic gases and vapours are formed during gas-shielded welding.In contrast to electrode or cored wire welding, neither spatter nor a layer of slag is formed, which you have to tap off in a time-consuming process.the welding work is easy, because you are allowed to touch the welding point with the torch.the shielding gas welding machine is easy to learn without any welding knowledge.

The following inert-gas welding machines are presented here in more detail:

The Iskra MIG MAG 250 ecoline gas-shielded welding machineA good pressure reducerPresented The Einhell BT-GW 150

You have to accept these disadvantages with a gas-shielded welding machine

    The welding method is not suitable for outdoor use. The shielding gas would be blown away from the welding point by wind and the welding seam would no longer be protected from the ambient air.a shielding gas welder has a bulky and weighty construction that makes mobile use difficult.before welding, you must remove rust, paint, varnish, oil or dirt from the areas to be welded and the contact point for the earth cable.

You want to use the welding machine outdoors and mainly weld painted or oxidized components? Then decide on a cored wire welding machine or an electrode welding machine. With the latter, please note that you cannot weld sheets smaller than 2 mm.

The inert gas welding machine in practice

If you work exclusively in a garage or workshop, gas shielded arc welding is the perfect welding method for seam and spot welding.

As far as metal construction is concerned, you can weld solid metal parts, U-irons, steel beams as well as rods or tubes.


Also motor vehicle companies and all hobby welders who like to do vehicle repairs themselves will not be disappointed. Because with an inert gas welding machine, body panels, exhaust systems and other car parts can be welded without any problems.

The inert-gas welding equipment differentiated according to melting process

Different shielding gases are used in gas-shielded welding depending on the material. Therefore, when buying a shielding gas welding machine, make sure that it is the right one for your projects.

1. the MIG welding machine:

In MIG welding, the metal inert gases argon or helium or an argon-helium mixture are used: zinc, copper, bronze and brass but also aluminium and aluminium alloys.

For MIG welding we recommend the SUNGOLDPOWER MIG 150A


2. the MAG welding machine:

MAG stands for Metal Active Gas and indicates that the active gases oxygen (O2) or carbon dioxide (CO2) have been added to the inert gas argon The MAG welding machine is primarily suitable for unalloyed, low-alloy and high-alloy steels such as stainless steel, but also for cast steel.

We recommend the MAG gas-shielded welding machine BT-GW 150 from Einhell

3. the MAG / MIG welding machine:

For all all-round welders, the MAG / MIG-250 from NFT is the right choice: To switch between the MAG and MIG welding processes, all you have to do is exchange the shielding gas cylinder and the welding rod.

A short description of the MAG / MIG-250 can be found at the end of our guide.

4. the TIG welding machine:

TIG means tungsten inert gas and is based on the inert gases argon or helium and a non-melting tungsten electrode The following metals can be welded with TIG:

With direct current (DC)With alternating current (AC)Alloyed steels and stainless steel,aluminium and alloysNickel and copperTitanium

A direct current TIG inert gas welding machine + electrode welding is for example the Berlan BWIG180

The welding process with the inert gas welding machine

    Insert the mains plug into the 230 V power connection and switch on the welding unit. regulate the gas flow rate at the pressure reducer. It is infinitely variable and can be read on the pressure gauge in litres per minute (l/min). In draught-free rooms, a flow rate of 5 to 15 l/min is recommended.you can also use this formula:Wire thickness in mm x 10 = l/min.More about the pressure reducer and its setting can be found at the end of the shielding gas guide.set the welding current (A) and wire feed speed on the welding machine.by pressing the torch button, w […]

With the TIG welding machine the welding process is different:

Although the tungsten electrode also ignites the arc on contact with the welding point, it does not melt away.

In general, you do not need a welding filler, because you connect the parts to be welded in a flat seam by the molten pool. If you do use an additive for welding reasons, a rod or wire electrode can be used, which you carry with your second hand.

The main problem with inert gas welding is a stuck or blocked gas nozzle

If the welding wire sticks to the gas nozzle, it costs nerves and time but also wire loss and in the worst case a new nozzle.

Exclude these causes in sequence:

    Is the earth cable wrongly connected or defective?is the wire reel not mounted correctly?is the welding wire…corroded or of inferior quality?not suitable for the metal to be welded?is the component rusty, painted, oily or dirty?is the selected current intensity too high or the wire feed too slow?both must be in a harmonious relationship to each other. Push the “Practice material” button to find the wire feed speed that matches the welding current.

How much does a gas-shielded welding machine cost?

A gas-shielded welder is more expensive than an electrode or cored wire welder, but if the advantages are not ignored, the increased purchase price is commensurate with the quality performance and material flexibility.

In addition, the gas-shielded welding machine is much more beginner-friendly due to its uncomplicated handling and reliable welding results.

Note: Recommended gas-shielded welding machines have a gas-cooled torch, which guarantees a solid duty cycle for more extensive projects, and more powerful machines with water cooling are also available. This ensures that the welding torch can withstand a long duty cycle at high amperage without burning the torch head. These at least twice as expensive gas-shielded welding machines are only worthwhile for medium-sized metalworking companies and large industrial enterprises.

For all hobby welders and the metal construction or small car industry, we recommend the gas-shielded welding machine for MAG / MIG-250 from NTF

In addition to the MAG and MIG welding processes, this inert gas welding machine with inverter technology offers the possibility of cored wire or electrode welding (E-hand) without gas.


It convinces with its price-performance ratio due to high-quality workmanship and absolutely positive welding results for demanding work.

The MAG / MIG-250 is with 15.6 kg and a size of L/H/W: 41 x 31 x 21.5 cm quite handy and portable.

NTF MIG-250FeaturesAccessoriesThe equipment features and special features:Input voltage of 230 V and advantageous open circuit voltage of 70 V,Euro central connection for hose package and electrode cable,gas connection via solenoid valve,functions for electrode welding: “Hot-Start” for easy ignition of the arc and “Anti-Stick” to prevent sticking of the electrode,efficient duty cycle thanks to high-quality welding inverter: 250 A = 35%, 200 A = 60%, 160 A = 100%,fan cooling with 2 fans and overvoltage protection,accessories of the MAG / MIG-250 welding unit:3.0 m hose package with gas-cooled torch,2 current nozzles,2.5 m electrode cable with electrode holder,2.5 m earth cable with clamp.

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