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What is a welding licence?


What is a welding licence/welding pass?

Welding has to be learned, but knowledge alone is not enough to find employment as a welder. Supervisory and acceptance organisations as well as contractors who are liable for their products and are subject to high quality requirements only accept welders who can prove their qualification by means of a welding examination according to DIN/EN-287. The proof of a successfully completed welding examination is the so-called welding licence/welding pass, in which all successfully completed welding tests are noted and confirmed.

Why obtain a welding pass or welding licence?

What is a welding licence/welding pass?

The welder’s pass is the prerequisite for being allowed to weld professionally. This is because it is regarded as proof of the owner’s craftsmanship and shows that the holder of the welding licence has acquired the necessary theoretical knowledge to be able to work safely. The graduate of a welding course learns, for example, how to use the individual welding devices safely, how to adjust them and also how to operate and maintain them. On the other hand, those who only weld occasionally, for example because they carry out private welding work, do not need a welding pass. There are several different welding procedures that can be recorded in the welding pass.

The relevant authorization is entered in the welder’s pass. Available for selection:

    Manual Arc WeldingMetal-Inert Gas WeldingTungsten-Inert Gas WeldingGas WeldingPlastic Welding

What must be done to obtain the welding licence?

There are two ways to get a welding pass: In courses offered by welding workshops and adult education centres or as part of general vocational training or further education. Of course, vocational training with a degree is not the same as a welder’s training that was completed in a seminar.

In addition to the welding licence, the trained welder has a certificate confirming his apprenticeship training.

Where can the welding licence/welding pass be obtained?

What is a welding licence/welding pass?

Either in a training company as part of an apprenticeship or through a private course provider who is authorised to provide training. Courses are often offered in adult education centres. Likewise in welding workshops. The local Chamber of Industry and Commerce can provide information on where the welding licence can be obtained.

The welding pass is not of long validity

The audit certificate must be renewed every two years. This is to ensure that the welder does not lose his skills, refreshes forgotten knowledge and that he is up to date.

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