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LEXPON Welding Helmet Review


LEXPON automatic welding helmet Solar Test and experiences

The LEXPON automatic welding helmet is an inexpensive automatic welding helmet with a whimsical design. Whoever is looking for the extraordinary will find it in the LEXPON automatic welding helmet. This at a low price, depending on the model, the welder pays between 30 and 50 euros for the helmet.

Under the article there is a video about the automatic welding helmet.

Data / facts about the LEXPON automatic welding helmet

Data / Facts about the LEXPON Automatic Welding HelmetProducts from Amazon.deTest / Field TestConclusion about the LEXPON Automatic Welding Helmet

Technical data: Darkening: (light -> dark) 1/10000 sec. delay: 0.1 to 0.8 sec. adjustable Field of vision: 92.5 x 42.5 mm Opt. operating temperature: -10ºC to +65ºC Slight darkening according to DIN 4 Strong darkening according to DIN 9-13 (adjustable) UV / IR Protection: DIN 16 Optimum eye protection according to EN379 Protection of the field of vision according to EN175 Weight: approx. 470g Material: PA / PP (fireproof) Power supply: Solar cell, 1x CR2450 3V Li-battery Features and benefits: AUTOMATIC WELDING HELMET with SOLAR-POWER and Li-battery FASTEST darkening in only 1/10000s!!! Visually an absolute eye-catcher! The ideal welding helmet for MIG&MAG, TIG, CO2, electrode welding, plasma welding, plasma cutting. This is made possible by the variable adjustment possibilities, which the helmet offers. large display with 92,5 x 42,5mm field of view. The product is made of fireproof plastic (PP) Slight darkening according to DIN 4 Strong darkening is adjustable from DIN 9 to 13 – this is necessary for the different welding methods with the different brightness, as each welding method has a different brightness. Always the hand free to work optimally. Power supply is guaranteed by the integrated solar cell and by an easily replaceable Li-battery. LED battery indicator (+LOW battery display) Visual protection can be switched off by the on/off switch on the side. Forehead padding on headrest Not suitable for laser and oxyfuel welding.

In my test I also welded with glasses, it worked reasonably well for me. The field of vision is not the largest, space for the glasses is limited. Therefore my conclusion is that the welding hood is conditionally suitable for people who wear glasses. So it is not 100% optimal as a welding hood for spectacle wearers.


Test / practical test

In my practical test, the LEXPON automatic welding helmet Solar achieved a convincing result for its price range. Details and test results are explained in detail below.


The delivery took place after about 5 working days, so it was OK. The shipping was free of charge.

Scope of delivery

The delivery includes the hood and a manual, which unfortunately is only in English. I was pleased with the forehead welding tape, which was included in the delivery. Such a thing is always handy when it gets warm and it usually does when welding.

Assembly welding helmet

The LEXPON automatic welding helmet can be put into operation by really everyone within seconds. The only thing that needs to be fitted is the rather simple headgear.


Equipment / Function

The LEXPON automatic welding helmet has a continuously variable darkening adjustment. Everything is adjustable from level 9 to 13.  This allows all standard welding processes to be covered. From TIG to MIG/MAG to electrofusion welding, the hood is not suitable for oxyacetylene welding. A hood with a darkening level 7 or 8 would be required for this. The sensitivity of the hood can also be infinitely adjusted on the hood. This function is needed to tell the sensors how fast they should react. If the setting is too low, the hood will react to a bright ceiling lamp, if it is too high, the welding hood will react very slowly. As said before, this is not about the speed of the darkening, but about the triggering.

As a third setting, the hood offers delayed brightening after welding. This can also be adjusted completely infinitely variable.

The LEXPON automatic welding hood offers a rather simple head support. But it is functional and individually adjustable. For the price OK, but nothing more. Only the removable headband I really liked.

With these adjustment options, the welding helmet offers all the important and required adjustment options. >>In the practical test all settings worked well<< Only the darkening levels I had to select a little higher than usual to achieve the same pleasant darkening for the welding process.


Welding with the LEXPON automatic welding helmet

The automatic helmet was tested with the welding methods TIG (tungsten inert gas welding) and E-Hand (electrode welding). Especially for TIG welding, the complete bandwidth of the current intensity was tested. Starting from 40 Ampere (darkening level 9) up to 200 Ampere (darkening level 11,5).

With all welding work the helmet convinced in the test, with good results for the price class. Only the darkening level I had to put a little higher than I was used to. Only with approx. 0.5 higher setting I felt as ideal value. It is ideal for darkening when the welding process can be seen well and on the other side it is not too bright for the eyes. This setting is individual for every welder and something has to be tested consciously to find an ideal personal value.

This darkening setting is individual for each welder.


The LEXPON automatic welding helmet provides good protection for the head, face and eyes. Important is especially the protection of the eyes and the protection against IR and UV radiation, which is definitely given with the hood.

Only after two hours of extreme testing did I notice a slight irritation of the eyes. But this can also be due to the fact that I chose the darkening level too low. But of course these are extreme ones that nobody does in practice. In the test I ignited permanently for two hours.


View of the welding process

The view of the welding process is good, but cannot be compared with quality products like a 9100 from Speedglas. The darkening has a strong green and blue tone, but this is not disturbing. It is just not the same as with expensive hoods, which produce a clear view or at least try to do so. The field of view is rather small but sufficient with the dimensions 92.5 x 42.5 mm. I could see the welding process well and that’s what matters with an automatic welding helmet.

wearing comfort

The wearing comfort is ok to good, but again cannot be compared with “high end” products. But for the price it is more than acceptable and can also be adjusted for really big heads. The hood itself only weighs just over 400g and is therefore a touch of nothing. It was generally one of the lightest hoods in our test.

Quality of the automatic welding hood

The quality is adequate to the price of 30 – 50€. There is no product that can survive the hundredth fall without problems, but also no welding hood that breaks when touched. Also the adjustment possibilities, no matter whether at the cassette or at the headband, have survived my test without any complaints.



Conclusion on the LEXPON automatic welding helmet

The automatic welding helmet makes a very good impression, especially when the price is put in relation to the hood. The welding helmet not only scored points with its great design, but also with its low weight and good functionality. The most important thing about the Lexpon automatic welding helmet is that it works and does what it should ! It protects the welder and allows a good view when welding.

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