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Lesoleil Welding Helmet Review


Lesoleil automatic welding helmet with solar cell

Not only those who weld professionally, but every hobby or occasional welder needs a stable and safe helmet. After all, only the processed material should glow, but not the head. That is why you should not let every helmet loose on your head.

But which helmet from the large variety offered in the trade is now a good choice for you and keeps what it promises?

The Lesoleil automatic welding helmet – welding like a pro

The solar automatic welding helmet from Lesoleil – so you are on the safe side.

This helmet seems to be an all-round good choice, whether for beginners or advanced welders:


Externally it has a trendy design with a colourful pattern.

The Lesoleil welding helmet is also technically well equipped: With its dimensions of 333 x 230 x 228 mm and a weight of only 450 g it is quite light and comfortable to wear.

Inside the helmet is well padded, so that it does not press you while working and still fits securely. The material – the highly impact-resistant synthetic material polyamide – provides the outer stability and your safety.

Batteries are not necessary as this welding helmet is equipped with solar cells. The power supply is secured by these high-quality solar cells. You only have to put the helmet in the sun after use and it will be charged. There is no need to change the batteries and you are independent of electricity.


The viewing window of the helmet is sufficiently large. Fortunately, the Lesoleil automatic welding helmet has several adjustment options. You can adjust the darkening as well as the light sensitivity variably and steplessly from the outside with a lateral rotary knob. This is very practical and allows you to adjust it exactly to your needs.

The degree of darkening is adjustable from DIN 9 to 13, as is the light sensitivity. The delay time from dark to light is also adjustable, so that you are not suddenly dazzled. UV protection is guaranteed at all times up to the blackout level DIN 16.

An operating temperature between -5 and +55 degrees Celsius and a storage temperature between crisp -20 and hot +70 degrees Celsius are no problem for this welding helmet.

The scope of delivery also includes a replacement glass and a short manual – unfortunately only in English.


Assembling the helmet requires a little patience at the beginning, but you will be rewarded with good quality afterwards. Unfortunately – as with most welding helmets – a neck guard is missing, but you can always retrofit it individually.

But in the end this is more a question of your taste than a necessary feature.

The Lesoleil automatic welding helmet with solar cells – safely welded without much sweat!

All in all this helmet is a reliable and safe support. Even if it is not designed for professional requirements – it is ideal for hobby welders.

The offered quality, the good equipment including the power supply via solar cells and the price are in a very good relation.


If you enjoy welding for your life and are looking for good protection, then you are on the safe side with this helmet.

Have fun and good luck!

Lesoleil automatic welding helmet 9.6 helmet 10.0/10 reaction time 9.0/10 for do-it-yourselfers 10.0/10 for professionals 9.0/10 price/performance 10.0/10 advantages low weight good reaction time with different motives available good price/performance ratio! Disadvantages fixing screws could loosen Instructions are unfortunately only in English View at Amazon

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