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Lesoleil Helmet Review


The Lesoleil automatic welding helmet

Everyone who is involved in welding knows that welding not only requires good welding equipment, but also appropriate protective equipment. One of the most important products in this area is welding helmets. LESOLEIL Automatik welding helmets are particularly popular with customers.

The most important features of the LESOLEIL welding helmet

The product belongs to the category of automatic welding helmets. It is powered by integrated solar cells. The degree of darkening can be adjusted from DIN 9 to DIN 13. In the light state, the degree of darkening corresponds to DIN 4. The delay time when changing from dark to light can be adjusted continuously. The welding mask is made of impact-resistant plastic (polyamide) and is available in various designs.

Product details in key points

Weight450 gramsDimensions333 x 230 x 228 millimetresMaterialPolyamideDarkening degreeDIN 9 to DIN 14UV/IR Protection at all times, corresponds to level DIN 16 Fully automatic switch-on/switch-offSwitching time light-dark0.033 millisecondsSwitching time dark-light0.25 to 0.8 seconds, continuously adjustable

What is included in delivery?

According to the manufacturer’s information, the outer packaging contains only the welding helmet and no other items. Nevertheless, several buyers report that a replacement lens was included, which is not mentioned in the product description. A good customer service, which is rarely found nowadays!

Which advantages does the LESOLEIL welding helmet have?

The greatest advantage is the largely automatic operation of the welding mask. Once the basic settings have been made, you simply put the helmet on and you can forget about it. This allows you to concentrate fully on your work instead of having to fiddle with the helmet all the time.


Added to this is the low weight of less than 500 grams. Even if you wear the welding helmet for a long time, it will not become uncomfortable or pinch. When ordering you can choose from 8 different designs. Some of them are rather unusual and take some getting used to (Skull- Skull), others look really cool.

Which disadvantages does the LESOLEIL welding helmet have?

The welding mask is not well processed. All parts are made of cheap, thin plastic. Therefore the welding helmet is not able to withstand great strain. With frequent use it will probably not last long. Some buyers report that the helmet suddenly darkens during welding, a quirk that can be really dangerous.

The welding helmet is only delivered in partially assembled condition. The operating instructions are rudimentary at best. The assembly is a nasty fiddling. If you are not careful, you can damage the helmet so badly that it is no longer usable.

What is the LESOLEIL welding helmet suitable for? According to the manufacturer, the automatic welding helmet is suitable for the following welding processes:

    ARC (arc, electrode welding)TIG (also called TIG welding), welding with tungsten electrodes and inert gas)MIG (metal welding with inert gases)

The darkening function of the helmet is activated by the bright light of the arc. The welding helmet is powered by solar cells. Batteries or accumulators are not required.

Who should buy a LESOLEIL welding helmet?

The automatic welding mask is ideal for all do-it-yourselfers or even professionals who only weld from time to time. For such applications the welding helmet fulfils its purpose and convinces above all by its good price-performance ratio. It is designed to be very user-friendly and does not disturb the work at all. Its simple, fully automatic operation makes it ideal for beginners and occasional users.


The LESOLEIL welding helmet is a good product for beginners and all those who only weld from time to time. It convinces with its user-friendly, largely automatic function and helps you to concentrate on the actual work, the welding, instead of constantly fiddling around with the helmet and changing the settings. Thanks to the integrated solar cells, the welding helmet works not only in sunlight, but also in normal daylight. However, you should not store it in a dark cupboard. In its price range, the LESOLEIL welding helmet is rightly one of the most popular products on the market.

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