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Best Electrode Welder


Electrode welding machine test

If you want to weld metal from time to time, there are different ways to create a weld seam. Electrode welding is a common and very common way of joining metal together by welding.

What is an electrode welding machine?

Electrode welding machine

Electrode welding requires not only a welding machine as an individually adjustable power source, but also an associated electrode holder and suitable electrodes. Which electrodes are best used for which welding seam depends on the metal to be welded as well as the expected weld seam.

If you always want to have the right electrodes in stock for all eventualities, you need a selection of different electrode thicknesses and materials. It is important that the electrodes can still be allocated some time after purchase. They should therefore always remain in the outer packaging and be stored in it. This is the only way to make sure that the right statement can always be made as to what type of electrode it is.

How does an electrode welding machine work?

The electrode is required for welding because an electric arc is formed between the electrode and the workpiece during welding, which generates the necessary melting heat required for welding. The heat of the electric arc causes material to melt away from the electrode, which can be used to form the desired weld seam. Basically, the electrode is therefore not only a melting welding filler material, but also a conductor for the current that is sent through the electrode. Modern electrodes usually consist not only of simple metal, but also of an electrode core rod that has a separate coating.

FD-105/F cored wire welding machine Mains voltage 230 V/50 Hz

For the welding process, the electrode must be clamped in the electrode holder so that the welder can move it to the desired position where the weld seam is to be created. As soon as the welding power source is switched on at the desired amperage, the electrode can be guided to the selected joint so that the welding process can begin. The fact that the electrode touches the workpiece creates a short circuit, which is responsible for the ignition of the arc. It should be noted that electrode welding not only produces a weld seam from the melting electrode material, but also slag and gases.

After the weld has cooled, the slag can be knocked off with a hammer and removed with a wire brush. This work step is of enormous importance, as otherwise it is not possible to tell whether the weld seam is durable or brittle. If the weld seam does not meet the requirements, it must be re-welded again. The fact that slag forms during electrode welding is not due to the fact that the electrode is of inferior quality. Slag formation is typical for electrode welding. Experienced welders draw a small lane with the electrode in the weld seam during the welding process so that the slag that forms during the procedure can run off better.

This little trick can prevent slag inclusions from forming within the weld seam.

The possible applications

With electrode welding the application possibilities are almost unlimited. Due to the rather simple technology, electrode welding is possible indoors and outdoors, even under water. Electrode welding is therefore not only used for professional welding work by craftsmen and companies, but also by hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts. Not only can welding seams be simply closed, but also metallic workpieces can be permanently joined.

Suitable for whom?

Rothenberger Industrial Arc Welding Unit 160 A 36015

Any craftsman with a little bit of manual skill can easily learn electrode welding. Therefore, electrode welding machines are suitable for all amateur and professional craftsmen who have previously dealt with the necessary safety regulations. It is in your own interest to make sure that not only the necessary welding equipment is purchased for welding, but also the appropriate safety clothing. If you think about it and work conscientiously, you cannot make a mistake when buying an electrode welding machine.


What can be welded with an electrode welding machine?

With an electrode welding machine not only new metal constructions can be joined together, but also existing metal work can be repaired. Angles, strips and metal pieces can be permanently joined together with the help of stable welding seams. The most diverse metal alloys can be joined together with an electrode welding machine.

The welder should only research precisely which type of electrode is best suited for the planned welding work before starting the planned welding work. For beginners, universal electrodes are offered in the trade, but they are certainly not the best choice for professional welding work. When selecting the appropriate electrodes, not only the alloy of the electrodes is important, but also the thickness of the electrodes. The electrode thickness is directly related to the amperage to be used and the planned width of the weld seam.

The handling

Before electrode welding can even be considered, a fire-protected workplace must be found. During welding, no flammable objects or surfaces may be in the vicinity. A welding seam only holds if the material area to be welded is absolutely clean and free of grease. If a gap is to be closed by a weld seam, it must not be wider or thicker than the diameter of the electrode used for welding. Before electrode welding can be started, extensive safety clothing should be purchased.

NTF MIG-250 inert gas inverter welding machine MIG MAG

The welding equipment alone is not sufficient if the necessary safety at work is not guaranteed. The protective clothing should consist of protective gloves with cuffs, welding goggles, a welding helmet, a protective jacket made of cotton material, a sufficiently large, long leather apron and sturdy shoes that provide a secure footing. Before the electrode welding starts, it must also be ensured that the earth is connected to the positive pole and the electrode holder to the negative pole. A wire brush is a necessary accessory because the slag must be removed after welding.


After the protective clothing has been put on, the safe position has been checked and the positive and negative poles have been correctly connected, welding can begin. The easiest way to guide the electrode during electrode welding is to hold it at an angle of 75 degrees to the workpiece. The core diameter of the electrode is multiplied by 40 (amps). The final result of this simple calculation gives the instrument setting required for the electrode currently in use.

Experience is an advantage in electrode welding. Beginners often make the mistake of leaving the electrode on the same metal spot for too long. It can then happen that the metal piece is not welded, but burns through due to excessive heat development. If possible, the welding process should then be interrupted from time to time.

During the welding process, the electrode must not be moved too slowly (risk of burn-out) or too quickly (cinder holes could form, making the weld porous) over the surface where the weld is to be made.

The performance features

In an electrode welding machine, direct current is delivered from the power source to the electrode. In principle, it is possible for an electrode welding machine to be in use for a long period of time, but the machine should also be protected. If an electrode has completely melted away, it is best to wait for about 10 minutes before using the next electrode for welding. During electrode welding there are always automatic breaks in work, which are important. This means that the welding equipment does not overheat and is well protected.

Positive properties for electrode welding

    anyone can learn electrode welding, even the hobbyists at homeElectrode welding machines are offered quite cheaply for do-it-yourselfers in specialist shops, so that not only manufacturing companies can afford an electrode welding machine, but also hobbyistsElectrode welding machines require little space for storageThe protective regulations are simple and logical, so compliance with the protective regulations is possible without any problems almost all welding work can be carried out with an electrode welding machine in a high quality

Negative properties during electrode welding

During electrode welding, unwanted slag formation almost always occurs. After welding, this slag must be removed from the weld seam with a wire brush. Failure to do this will mean that the quality of the weld seam cannot be properly assessed, as slag inclusions can make the weld seam porous. If too much slag has formed during welding, the weld seam may need to be reworked at certain points. Basically, this is not a disadvantage, but a phenomenon in electrode welding that should be taken into account.


What is tested?

GYS electrode welding unit 160 A inverter 4000

After the weld seam has completely cooled down after electrode welding, it is processed with the slag hammer. This involves striking the weld seam powerfully with the hammer. The pieces of slag that are in the weld seam bounce off. Reworking with a wire brush then shows exactly how high the quality of the weld seam has become.

If there are small indentations within the weld seam, which have arisen because small pieces of slag have popped out, it may be necessary to repair the weld seam again. Welders will quickly realise that practice makes perfect, and after a few practice welds, the welds will be much tidier and more stable. Manufacturers therefore always recommend a few hours of practice on scrap metal pieces before a welder ventures on an important project.

Care and cleaning

The electrode welding unit should only be roughly cleaned of dust with a dry cloth. The care and cleaning instructions of the various manufacturers can be used without hesitation.

Who repairs electrode welding equipment

If an electrode welding machine should ever have a real defect, automatic repair is not recommended under any circumstances. Repairs should only be carried out by workshops acting on behalf of the manufacturer, or by the manufacturer himself. The otherwise necessary replacement of wear materials can be carried out by each welder himself.

However, spare parts should not be used by other manufacturers, but only by the manufacturer of the own electrode welding equipment.

How many amps are required?

Einhell electrode welding machine BT-EW 150

How many amperes are required for electrode welding depends on the thickness of the electrode used. A rule of thumb says that the diameter of an electrode must be multiplied by 40 in order to calculate the number of amperes that must be set for welding at the power source. For an electrode with a diameter of 2 millimetres, 80 amperes would then be necessary if the welding work is to be carried out correctly.

Otherwise, most manufacturers of electrode welding equipment make it easy for their customers. They already indicate on the power source how many amperes have to be set for an electrode with which handling. As a rule, the amperage of an electrode welding machine is between 30 and 320 A. For large electrode welding machines that cannot be used for domestic purposes, the output is correspondingly higher.

What does an electrode welding machine cost?

High-quality electrode welding machines are available from around 350 euros in specialist shops. The great advantage of electrode welding machines is that they are relatively inexpensive, but can be used in a wide range of applications.

The 5 major manufacturers and their respective characteristics

    Jäckle, company headquarters in Bad Waldsee, large selection, best advice. The manufacturer has not only electrode welding machines in its range of products, but also other welding machines.REHM GmbH u. Co. KG Schweißtechnik, company headquarters in Uhingen, the company is nationally and internationally active. The assortment is well sorted, not only electrode welding machines can be bought, but also welding machines, which work with other technical processes.Fronius Deutschland GmbH, the Austrian company is represented worldwide. The company headquarters in Germany is located near Fulda. GYS GmbH, the company headquarters in Germany is located in Aachen. Not only different electrode welding machines are available, but also accessories and protective parts.Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG, Künzelsau. The worldwide operating company offers not only a wide range of electrode welding machines, but also accessories and many regional service agencies.

What accessories are available?

The electrodes required for welding are the best-selling accessories. The electrodes are offered with different diameters. The outer packaging should always be kept so that the electrode diameter is visible at first sight. Otherwise, slag hammer, wire brushes and parts of protective clothing are available from accessory shops.


What to look out for when buying?

When buying a device, you should make sure that it is easy to use and tailored to your personal requirements. A good price/performance ratio should be given, especially because the electrode welding machines are also available in good quality at a reasonable price.

5 good reasons for electrode welding machine

Electrode welding machine
    Electrode welding can also be learned by laymen without any problems.the use of shielding gas or ceramic rings is absolutely unnecessary in electrode welding and is therefore not intended.electrode welding equipment is usually easy to transport and requires little space.the energy consumption of electrode welding equipment is rather low, but welding work can still be carried out to a high quality and resilient standard if the necessary specialist knowledge is available.electrode welding equipment can be used indoors and outdoors without any problems

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