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What is an electric welder made of?


How is an electric welding machine constructed?

With the aid of a welding device, objects can be joined together by the application of heat. Furthermore, it can be used to coat objects or even to separate them. However, a distinction must be made between the most varied types of welding equipment. For example, there is the electric welding device.

However, some safety aspects must be taken into account here:

How is an electric welding machine constructed?
    Safety glassesProtective suitGlovesecured and fireproof environmentSafety shoes

The operation of the welding equipment will be explained in more detail below.

Description of the functioning of a welding apparatus

A pair of pliers is attached to the piece to be machined. These are connected to a positive pole by means of a cable. It is located on the welding machine. Now a metal rod, which is connected to the welding machine, is placed near the pliers. The metal rod, or welding head, is connected to the negative pole of the machine. Now the difference in charge is to be balanced so that current flows at all. The charge difference creates an electric field which must be resolved.


The welding process

Now the welding head gets close to metal. At this point, the circuit in the welding head is closed as soon as it gets close to the material to be processed. A voltage is created which increases continuously. When it is high enough, a gas discharge takes place in the air between the welding device and the material.

The electrons thus detach themselves from the welding device and migrate via the air to the workpiece.

This happens because the workpiece is connected to the positive pole with pliers. On the way there, further charge carriers are generated. This is called electron impact ionisation.

melting process of the material

How is an electric welding machine constructed?

The tiny bit of air between the charge carrier and the material heats up to such an extent that a plasma is formed. Up to 400 amperes of current flow here. The plasma is made up of valence electrons that are no longer bound to their atomic cores. As a result, they can move freely to a large extent.

It is also called electrically charged gas.

The hot air is now able to melt the metal. The bright light on the welding machine also comes from this extremely hot air. As soon as the electric circuit is interrupted, the plasma disappears and the surrounding area cools down like lightning. This allows the liquid metal to solidify very quickly.


Purchase possibilities welding equipment

Thus, an electric welding machine can be used very well in many areas. It should come from a DIY store in order not to show any deficits, especially in the area of safety.

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