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D & S Welding Helmet Review


D & S automatic welding helmet

Since welding always produces very bright light that is harmful to the eyes, this work can only be carried out with an appropriate mask or helmet.

Classic welding helmets have a dark visor that can be folded up. However, when used very often, the visor does not stay up and when the helmet is new, it must be folded down by hand. Often, however, the optimum attachment is then missed due to small hand movements.

Besides, you won’t see anything again until the visor disappears in front of your eyes. With a self-darkening helmet like the D & S automatic welding helmet you always have a clear view of your workpiece.

This welding helmet offers a sufficiently large viewing window with its display measuring 92 mm x 42 mm. The response time of the darkening corresponds to the Din standards 9 to 13.


So you can also work with a plasma welding machine. The reaction time from light to dark is less than 0.3 ms. Furthermore, you can adjust the darkening for your work steplessly.

So you always have the right perspective when welding.

The optical multilayer-storefilter always provides the best possible protection for your eyes. Since the D & S Automatic Welding Helmet can also be individually adjusted to any head size and shape, there is no unnecessary or unpleasant pressure during work.

Its low weight of only 450 g and the carrying pads naturally contribute to its comfort. Its low weight is made possible by the high-quality PP plastics and the fireproof LCD display.


But the biggest advantage of this shit helmet is the power supply by solar technology. You will never have to buy expensive special batteries again, recharge a battery and deal with a complicated battery change. The sun or the light in the workshop will always provide an adequate power supply for your welding helmet.

D & S automatic welding helmet

The D & S automatic welding helmet is with its versatile adjustment possibilities of the display and the adjustable fitting accuracy exactly the right eye protection. Especially when different welding techniques often have to be performed.

In addition, its light weight and favourable price make it a worthwhile purchase.

However, his solar technology for the power supply could turn out to be a minor disadvantage in dark workplaces.


However, since the advantages clearly outweigh the costs and the elimination of low lighting will also result in lower costs, solar operation is one of its best arguments for a future investment in the safety of eyesight.

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