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Best Cored Wire For Welding


Cored wire for welding equipment Test

A genuine craftsman naturally has a flux cored wire for welding equipment in his workshop to use it for a wide variety of work. After all, there is always the situation in which something has to be soldered here and there. The market is home to a large number of different welding machines, which is why the overview is quickly lost and the purchase decision becomes a challenge. In order to give all interested parties a good overview of the available products, appropriate test reports are provided. From these test reports it is clear which welding equipment could cut a good figure on the test bench and what to look out for when buying.


Cored wire for welding equipment

The cored wire is a filled wire, which also explains its name. The wire can be compared to a sheathing, which can also be found on electrodes. The cored wire can be processed with all conventional welding machines. These include, for example, inert gas and inverter welding machines. The welding machines are offered in a wide range of sizes and variants. The flux-cored wire is guided by a feed motor, which is in continuous contact with the molten pool. This process can be seen, for example, in semi-mechanical arc welding. The flux-cored wire contains a powder which is transformed during the welding process and thus stabilizes the arc. This process protects the resulting weld seam from oxidation.

The advantage of this method is that no gas cylinder needs to be carried. This makes the use of cored wire welding equipment much easier, which means that welding work can be carried out without much effort. The only component that must be used for welding work is the welding transformer. However, the user can easily carry it with him by means of a carrying strap, as it is easy to transport and makes the work much easier. Electrode welding machines that work with shielding gas can also be equipped with a cored wire.

But not everyone has these bulky devices lying around at home. And even in the home hobby workshop the bulky machines are rather seldom to be found. Flux cored wire welding machines are best suited for smaller jobs, which are primarily for domestic use. Due to the use of cored wire, no gas cylinder is necessary. Furthermore, these devices can be transported in a handy way.

This enables users to change the location of use frequently. In addition, cored-wire welders are hardly susceptible to wind and are therefore ideal for outdoor use.

Possible applications

Rothenberger Industrial Arc Welding Unit 160 A 36015

Working with cored wire is a very special way of welding. The filled tubular wire is primarily used as welding material. With the advent of welding equipment, rather unclean welds were common. In the meantime, a lot has happened, which is why we can now be pleased about more and more precise welding seams. Welding with inert gas is the usual method. However, the use of flux cored wire is the simpler option for professionals and hobby craftsmen, as the cumbersome gas cylinder can be dispensed with.

The stress with the gas cylinder usually becomes noticeable when the cylinder contents are nearing the end and the user has no possibility to refill the gas cylinder in time. Then the welding work has to be interrupted, which ultimately leads to frustration. However, there are some things to be considered when welding with cored wire. First of all, the user should bear in mind that he is carrying out his welding work at a much higher temperature. The same applies to the higher voltage used when welding with cored wire. The flux-cored wire is ideal for creating a connection between particularly thick metal parts.

Suitable for whom?

Welding with cored wire is not only suitable for professionals, but can also be easily implemented by beginners. By using cored wire, the shielding gas cylinder can be dispensed with. In this way, even newcomers do not have to confront themselves with keeping an eye on the filling level of the cylinder. With the cored wire welding machine, the user can concentrate on the essentials: The welding work. These are neither restricted nor hindered by the portable and handy device. In this way, the protection wire enables pleasant welding work without any obstacles.


The handling of cored wire welding equipment is very easy. First, the mains plug is plugged in and the device is switched on. The inserted cored wire is now heated and can be evenly applied to the area to be joined by controlled hand movements.


Performance features

Einhell cored wire welding machine BT-FW 100

The performance characteristics of cored wire welding equipment vary depending on the manufacturer and product design. Flux-cored wires are available in different thicknesses and are accordingly used for different purposes. Based on the thickness of the flux-cored wire, the device must of course also be adapted to the application. The common devices are offered with the product specifications “suitable for flux-cored wires up to 0.9 mm”. However, the individual devices also differ in the welding area. Some models are designed for a range of up to 110 A, others can still be used at 120 A.

Positive features

    Hardly susceptible to windLight to transportEasy to handleEasy to useEverywhere Also suitable for beginnersDesigned for different welding jobs

Security features

It is important that every user pays attention to a few things when welding with flux cored wire. The most important rule: safety goggles should always be worn. The most suitable model is one that is tinted from the inside. It is equally important that the outer lenses are changed regularly, as these will become contaminated by welding spatter over time. Just as important as the glasses, is appropriate protective clothing. For cored wire welding, gauntlet gloves have proven to be particularly practical.

The user should always ensure that highly inflammable clothing is avoided during all welding work.

What is tested?

AWM welding machine 200A IGBT inverter MMA TIG TIG

The most diverse models are put to the test bench and put through their paces. The test criteria include the workmanship and stability of the housing. But also the handling is critically evaluated. In the test, the scope of delivery is also closely examined. The product specifications are also set up against each other and compared. In the end, the price-performance ratio determines the overall verdict.

Care and cleaning

The best protection is still defined by not letting the device get dirty in the first place. But during extensive welding work, contamination of the device is often not avoided. For this reason, the unit should be cleaned with a damp cloth after use (with an appropriate cooling time). When doing so, the user should always follow the manufacturer’s instructions, which can be found in the operating instructions.


What does a flux cored wire for welding equipment cost?

The cored wire itself can be purchased for just a few euros on the Internet or at a DIY store. Prices vary according to manufacturer and version. Here a press margin of 200 EUR to 1,200 EUR can be expected.

The 3 major manufacturers and their respective characteristics

    One of the largest manufacturers is the company GYS, which specializes not only in welding technology, but also in battery service and bodywork repair, and is even more flexible in its product portfolio with the manufacturer Güde. Here, interested parties can purchase all the tools and machines needed for professional to semi-professional work, and the supplier Einhell has also specialised in meeting battery management with innovations. At the same time, tools and machines can be bought and rented.

What accessories are available?

Various accessories are available for cored wire welding machines. Basically, when buying, you should pay attention to which accessories are already included in the delivery. In some cases, parts such as the torch, the flux-cored wire, the welding shield, the slag hammer, the carrying strap or the fan cooling system may have to be purchased optionally.

What to look out for when buying?

Cored wire for welding equipment

Anyone looking for a suitable cored wire has to overcome a number of hurdles. In order to find the right product right away, the user needs experience with the different welding techniques and also with the surfaces to be processed. It is important that the user is aware that a much higher temperature and voltage is required to heat the flux-cored wire. This is also the reason why flux cored wire welding is more suitable for solid metal parts. Two-button systems are often found in the lower price segment.

One knob controls the wire feed speed and the other the tension. The wire feed speed always requires a certain voltage in order to allow the arc to burn optimally. The user should make sure that the amperage is not a decisive criterion when purchasing. More elementary is the dynamic behaviour in the range of low wire feeds. And the so-called choke should also be included as a purchase criterion in the decision.

The choke determines the behaviour of the power source when a short circuit occurs.

The 3 top sellers at Amazon

    One of Amazon’s best-selling machines is the Einhell BT-FW 100 cored wire welding machine, which has a two-roller feed and enables rapid welding, and the GÜDE SG 120 A cored wire welding machine also cuts a fine figure when it comes to sales figures. The powder-coated steel housing houses a forced cooling system and thus ensures long running times. 300 EUR and more makes the GYS cored wire welding machine quite expensive. The device is very easy to use and therefore also very suitable for beginners.

5 good reasons for cored wire for welding equipment

    The cored wire for welding equipment is hardly susceptible to wind and is suitable for working outdoorsThe easy handling enables even beginners to carry out optimum welding workThe cored wire makes it possible to dispense with the shielding gas bottleThe equipment is compact and easy to transportThe cored wire for welding equipment can be used for a wide range of different work

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