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How does a cored wire welder work?


How does a cored wire welding machine work?

Flux cored wire welders are known for their somewhat more special design and are similar to the working principle of classic inert gas welding machines. Flux cored wire welding machines are considered to be a cheap and mobile alternative to gas-shielded welding machines. Flux cored wire welders have a wire with a filling on the inside. This wire can be compared to a sheath, similar to electrodes.

Operation of flux cored wire welding equipment

How does a cored wire welding machine work?

The cored wire can be processed with any conventional welding equipment, such as an inverter welding machine or gas-shielded welding machine. The flux-cored wire has a powder inside which is transformed during the welding process, thus stabilising the arc. The resulting weld seam is thus protected from oxidation. Flux-cored wire welding equipment has the advantage of working without gas, which makes it easier to use.

Nevertheless, cored wire welding machines require a transformer, which can be easily used by means of a carrying strap.

Use cored wire for electrode welding equipment

For electrode welding machines that are operated with shielding gas, a flux-cored wire can be used as an alternative. Classic MIG and MAG welding machines are suitable for this purpose. The filler wire is usually filled with gas, such as argon. A cored wire welding machine is a good choice especially for smaller welding jobs in the home, especially for the reason that they are operated without shielding gas and can be easily transported. In addition, cored-wire welding machines are also excellent for outdoor use, as they are less susceptible to wind.

Suitable for thick metals

In contrast to gas-shielded units, cored-wire welding units require a much higher voltage or temperature to weld the wire, which is why cored-wire welding units are only suitable for work on thick metals. The high temperatures that occur when welding with a flux cored wire welding machine can easily burn through thinner metals such as aluminium.


Fine spray arc

How does a cored wire welding machine work?

The spray arc, which occurs in the ring cross-section of the flux-cored wire due to the high current density, is extremely fine. Due to the low arc temperature, there is hardly any noticeable distortion of the sheet metal, even during longer welding operations, if carried out correctly.

Cored wire welding machines for home use

Especially when it comes to smaller welding jobs at home and the welding equipment is not used too often, flux cored wire welders offer the advantage that they are easy to use due to their light weight and no shielding gas is required for operation.

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