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Why do you need a copper welder for?


What do you need a cored wire welding machine for?

Welding with a cored wire welding machine is ideal for home and hobby use. The construction of flux cored wire welding equipment consists of the hose package including the gun torch and wear parts (current nozzle, copper nozzle), the welding machine and a ground cable.

Welding without inert gas

What do you need a cored wire welding machine for?

The fact that the welding process in a cored wire welding machine is carried out without gas means that a gas cylinder and pressure reducer or pressure gauge are not required. Flux cored wire welding machines are suitable for outdoor use, as they are less susceptible to wind than inert gas welding machines. Due to their low weight, cored-wire welding machines are easy to transport, as they can be used for welding without gas.

For this reason, the devices have mainly established themselves in the home. The welding of thin metals, such as aluminium, is not recommended with flux cored wire welding machines, as these can develop very high temperatures during welding and burn through the metal.

Cored wire welding machines for thick metals

Thick metals with large cavities, on the other hand, can be processed excellently with cored wire welding equipment. The compact flux-cored wire welding machines are also recommended for smaller repairs, for example on garden fences, as they can be used outdoors without any problems. All, somewhat coarser welding work can be carried out very well with cored wire welding machines.


Flux cored wire welders work similarly to the normal gas-shielded welding machines, but beginners with flux cored wire can get their problems and it takes some practice to use the machines. Sometimes opinions differ quite a bit when it comes to cored gas welding machines.

Some swear by this welding method, others consider filling gas welding equipment to be outdated and imprecise.

Optimum cored wire type

The success of the flux cored wire method depends largely on the selection of the optimum flux cored wire type for the respective welding task. However, modern, universally applicable, light electric welding equipment with cored wire offers very flexible application possibilities and is particularly suitable for work outdoors and in the agricultural sector. Flux-cored wire can also be processed with gas-shielded welding machines (MIG, MAG).

Cored wire welding equipment in the industry

What do you need a cored wire welding machine for?

In industry, flux-cored wires are often used to achieve higher welding speeds so that the material is not stressed too much by the intense heat. Compared to solid wire, the high current density leads to a higher deposition rate for the same current intensity. The thinner the outer steel sheath of the flux-cored wire, the greater the difference in deposition rate.

This insight led to the development of special high-performance flux-cored wires with an optimized thin steel sheath. The EN ISO designations for the individual flux-cored wire types are similar in structure to the designation system for stick electrodes and solid wires. The designation gives information about notched bar impact strength, minimum yield strength, alloy type, type of suitable shielding gas, filling type, and optionally the hydrogen content of the flux-cored wire and position suitability.


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