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Best Welder for Car


Which welding machine for car / motor vehicle?

With the right welding equipment, it is also possible to weld the car yourself and save the trip to the workshop. However, certain legal regulations apply to car welding, which must be observed without fail, especially when welding load-bearing parts, because safety in road traffic comes first! When welding on load-bearing parts, only overlapping welding seams are permitted, making spot welding indispensable.

MIG and MAG welding equipment for car welding

Which welding machine for car / motor vehicle?

MIG and MAG welding has established itself as an effective and relatively simple welding method in car repair shops, garages and hobby workshops. These welding methods belong to the arc welding process and are based on the fact that the arc provides the heat needed to melt the welding filler metal.

The right welding machine for the car body

Therefore, to carry out welding work on the car, welding equipment or inverter welding machines that use MIG, MAG or TIG processes are suitable. It should be noted that the molten pool is drawn over the entire seam with the electrode. The suitable diameter of the electrode can be taken from the packaging or from the information on the welding equipment itself, on which this information is marked.

The welding seam should always be within sight during car welding so that it can always be checked.

WIG welding machines as an alternative

As an alternative to the MIG and MAG welding machines, TIG welding machines are also suitable for car welding work, in which a current-carrying but not melting tungsten electrode is used and in which only inert gases are used for welding. The advantage of TIG welding machines for car welding is that they do not necessarily require a filler metal and the welding points can be controlled very well. Furthermore, welding with TIG welding machines produces relatively little distortion and a fairly clean weld seam.


Plasma Welding

Which welding machine for car / motor vehicle?

Plasma welding, in which a tungsten electrode is also used, is particularly suitable for experienced welders with regard to automotive welding. MIG/MAG welding is also suitable for inexperienced welders and is the tried and tested method for repairing the bodywork, as it is quite easy to handle the welding equipment.

Safety first!

When welding vehicles or individual vehicle parts, the right corrosion protection always plays a decisive role, as does your own safety. In order to protect the respective welding point from corrosion, sealing can be done by cavity protection, sealing compound or primers.

Proper eye, face and body protection with appropriate protective clothing is indispensable and absolutely necessary for motor vehicle welding.

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