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Welding Equipment for Beginners


You would like to buy a welding machine, but do not know which one is best suited for you as a beginner? Then it is good that you drop by here.

We will show you which welding equipment is optimal for beginners, so that you can achieve very good welding results right away.

If you have already bought a welding machine that you did not get along with well and are now looking again specifically for a welding machine for beginners, then this article will help you make the right decision this time.

At the end we will show you an inexpensive beginner’s welding machine, which is very easy to handle for beginners. The focus here was above all on a strong price-performance ratio, as you certainly don’t have to pay a lot of money for a beginner welder.


After all, after a certain amount of practice, you might want to switch to a professional machine to do some very demanding welding work.

Well, here we go.

This is what we expect from a welding machine for beginners and you certainly do too !

The welding equipment should be easy to connect. After purchase, not much know-how should be required to make it ready for operation. It is best for beginners if the welding equipment can be started up on a normal socket with a 16 A fuse.

Just before welding, the settings of the given parameters should not be too complicated. An easily understandable operating manual with small help would be an advantage here.


Furthermore a simple ignition is very important. The ignition process must run without great difficulty and effort on a welding machine for beginners, otherwise you can spend quite a long time igniting the arc. This is very annoying and reduces the fun of welding.

Also the handling and operation during welding should be easy, so that the weld seam can be guided optimally and no horror seam comes out at the end. Easy handling also allows acceptable results even during the initial tests.

Finally, the most important thing: A welding machine for beginners should be very easy to learn and provide a good introduction, so that you can celebrate some success even after the first attempts.

Anders kan het lassen heel snel eindigen in frustratie en laat je het in het ergste geval achterwege. Met kleine successen krijgt u nieuwe motivatie en durft u grotere laswerkzaamheden aan te pakken. Al met al maak je sneller vooruitgang.


Which model best meets these criteria and is ideal as a welding machine for beginners ?

On the market there are many different types of welding equipment to choose from and one is still the welding equipment for beginners. If you do not know the different types on the market yet, here you will find a short overview with a short explanation.

The ideal welding equipment for beginners is the inert gas welding machine.

Unfortunately it is not the cheapest, but it offers all beginners the best possible entry experience. It should also be remembered that especially with welding equipment, beginners usually have it a lot easier with a higher quality machine.

These reasons make the shielding gas welding machine the best choice for beginners !

The shielding gas welding machine is the easiest to operate and handle of all existing types. You don’t have to fight with slag, so you can concentrate more on the essentials and the adjustments are not difficult.


Also, mistakes are not taken too badly. Minor misadventures do not lead directly to disaster. You will also be able to avoid more mistakes overall. For example, welding thinner sheets does not require as much precision and experience as with an electrode S

Another reason why it is the ideal welding machine for beginners is its versatile application possibilities. The shielding gas welding equipment can be used in a wide variety of areas and covers a large part of the fields of activity in welding. So as a beginner, you have a large training area with only one device and can try your hand at various areas of welding.

Last but not least, it is simply the easiest to learn and you often make the fastest progress with a shielding gas welding machine. As already mentioned above, good results can be achieved after a short training period. This gives new motivation, is more fun and makes you want more.

Which shielding gas welding equipment is particularly suitable for the first welding tests?

We have searched here for you and have found a solid specimen and crowned it as our test winner as a welding machine for beginners:


The Einhell shielding gas welding machine BT-GW 150.

It is a very popular model and offers maximum power of 150 A. This should be enough for a beginner. It can also be operated without any problems on a 16 A fused 230 V domestic mains.

Furthermore, it contains a forced cooling fan and offers safety through thermal overload protection. Regarding the handling and quality of the welding seams, there is nothing to complain about. The many positive evaluations speak for themselves.

In addition to performance, the focus was also on price. It had to be a very inexpensive shielding gas welding machine, with which it is still possible to weld well and easily.


Only the fewest would like to spend large amounts of money on a welding machine for beginners, because you will certainly want to buy it later, after reaching the professional status, from

However, this was not so easy, as a shielding gas welding machine is usually quite expensive. The Einhell BT- GW 150 seems to be a very cheap exception and offers good quality and solid functionality for the price.

You can also take a look at our detailed test report on the Einhell BT-GW 150 with final evaluation.

We hope you enjoyed the article and wish you much success with your future new welding machine for beginners.


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