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Best Apron For Welding


Welding apron test

Proper clothing is indispensable for manual work with welding equipment and the like and is even mandatory in the company. Professional clothing serves for self-protection and must meet various requirements. As is well known, handling a welding machine involves many dangers that must be avoided. Strong heat generation, sparks and radiation can cause lasting damage to health. By using welding aprons and other aids, risks are minimized. In addition, the special apron also protects clothing from external damage.

Field of use and application

Welding apron

Especially in the trade, suitable, functional and tested work clothing is indispensable. During the welding process sparks are produced and an overwhelming heat affects the body and the immediate surroundings. Flame retardant work clothing is therefore generally important, whereby the welding apron can also be put on and taken off. A welding apron is needed wherever sheet metal work of any kind takes place.

The shipbuilding and mechanical engineering industries as well as the automotive sector prefer to work with sheet metal and metal and make it necessary to put on the practical apron. This inconspicuous aid not only keeps heat and sparks away from the body, but also allows metal splinters to bounce off. These are often not visible to the eye, but can still cause severe discomfort. The helpers are also always ready to help with glass construction, as dangers lurk here too. Overall, the hazard groups are differentiated as follows:


Due to the variety of possible problems, the legislator prescribes many specifications which must be observed at least during operation. Special eye protection, hearing protection, respiratory protection, hand protection and body protection are therefore not a question of adjustment, but are absolutely necessary for good reason. The welding apron is part of the body protection and is usually universally applicable for all sizes. Belt and pulling systems guarantee safe use.


Advantages of the welding apron and care

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Welding clothing is particularly characterised by its robustness. Impeccable leather from cattle, goats or sheep is a frequently used material and is considered very durable and long-lasting. They offer optimum protection against cuts and abrasion and are perfect for complex work with welding equipment. The advantage is the additional protection factor. The apron is worn over the welder’s jacket and keeps dangerous splinters, sparks and Co away first of all. Those who only carry out small jobs from time to time usually wear it over their normal day clothes.

To maintain the aid, it is best to store it in a protected place. It should be stored in a cool, dry place, protected from light. The sweat aprons are washable up to 60 degrees and only need normal soap or common detergent. Bleach should not be used under any circumstances, as this would cause lasting damage to the material. The aprons are not suitable for ironing and should never be tumble dried.

Approximately 30 washes are recommended, after which an exchange should take place if necessary. However, the different models do not need to be washed often and therefore all have a long shelf life.

safety issues

In order to enjoy full safety, complete work clothing with fire protection should be worn. This consists of:

    Welder’s jacketWelder’s trousersWelder’s apronWelder’s bootsWelder’s gaitersWelder’s glovesHead capSafety helmetSafety gogglesSafety glass
Anyone who undertakes professional welding work should have the full range of protective equipment.

Depending on the welding process, part of the equipment is sufficient or the full equipment is recommended. A standard is regarded as a guideline for welding clothing to be taken into account. DIN EN 11611 has inferior categories which regulate individual important areas. For example, ISO 15025 deals with flame protection.


For this purpose, a fabric is exposed to a flame for 10 seconds to test its resistance. Factors such as afterglow time, hole formation and afterburning time are relevant to the test procedure. All areas are tested with two different procedures. In the second variant, the requirements are higher. Incidentally, standards for work clothing are very important for tests by the employers’ liability insurance association!

Costs and possible accessories

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A welding apron is available in different versions depending on the working process. There are very inexpensive models that are available for less than 20 usd. The cheap mass-produced goods are of course different from high-quality articles of well-known manufacturers. One model is considered to be of very high quality if full leather was used. Cheap variants are usually only partly made of the robust natural material, much thinner and therefore cheaper. If you use your welding machine a lot for professional or private purposes, you should definitely prefer the full leather version. The average recommended price is about 40 usd for a welding apron made of full leather with adequate thickness.

Get to know well-known manufacturers and the current top sellers

Well-known brands are often characterised by excellent quality goods. Companies like Weldas and Berner are known for their reliable quality. Large online trading companies such as Amazon, Wetstfalia and special shops for occupational safety such as edc protection have a wide range of welding aprons and other protective equipment.

The welding apron from Förster-Fellnest is of very high quality. It consists of extra strong leather and is also used by master blacksmiths and carpenters. The quality is particularly high, which is also reflected in the price. With over 50 bucks it is not a bargain, but a welding apron cannot be more valuable. This is also confirmed by satisfied customers who are enthusiastic about the quality. Despite the stable full cowhide, the apron is flexible and comfortable to wear. This provides an extraordinary amount of comfort during hard work.


The orange Portwest Welding Apron is made from reliable cowhide. Straps and quick fastener are easily adjustable and the seams are made of Du Pont Kevlar. It is cut long enough to protect the legs. This model is considered premium, which also shows the full satisfaction of the customers. The fit is especially praised. Also the price is moderate with between 20 and 30 usd.

In the favourable category, the Feldtmann model received predominantly very good ratings with regard to the price-performance ratio. The product is a bestseller for less than 20 usd and fulfils the purpose very well according to customers. It is made of resistant split leather and has a secure back closure. It gives a long-lasting impression and is completely sufficient for domestic use.

Conclusion on welding aprons

Welding apron

They are useful and indispensable in extensive and demanding procedures. Just like welding goggles, the apron must not be missing. There are at least five good reasons for the welding apron:

    Easy to put on and take off
    Universally applicable for all sizes
    Optimum protection against hazards
    High level of wearing comfort with selected models
    Protection in the event of damage with regard to the employers’ liability insurance association

Before a purchase decision is made, the purpose should first be clarified. Quality aprons are characterised by a thickness of up to 2 mm and contain fireproof properties. A CE marking provides information about the fulfilment of the essential requirements of the respective bodies. Before buying an apron it is therefore essential to clarify its capabilities in order to avoid undesirable problems. Information about the test procedures carried out is essential. If you take the tips given into account, you will enjoy your welding apron for a long time.


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