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How many amps in my electrode welder?


How many amps in an electrode welding machine?

A welding machine can have different power outputs, so it is not easy for the layperson to see how many amps are actually seen as must have for an electrode welding machine or which amps are sufficient. This is not so difficult, so here is the information waiting for all interested parties to answer the question easily.

How many amps in an electrode welding machine?

How many amps in an electrode welding machine?

As a rule, 100 amperes would be sufficient for an electrode welding machine. This would be helpful for smaller jobs in any case, so there is no absolute “no-go” to be seen here. However, most of the welding machines have already more and convince with 180A, which is of course more than sufficient to weld doors etc.

Why are the amps important for electrode welding equipment?

The coefficient of performance Ampere is important so that anyone interested can find out whether the electrode welding machine really provides the performance needed to carry out everyday work with the welding machine.

It is noticeable that dentists, for example, are well advised to use 100 amps, but in private households the electrode welding machine with 180 amps can often be seen.

Will welding equipment with more amps become more expensive?

In fact, the more amperes electrodes welding machines have, the more expensive they become. Like everything. On average, 180 amperes can therefore mean up to 300 bucks for an electrode welding machine, but the work output is also more reasonable. Here is a small list, which amperes are sufficient to use which work.

    up to 100Ampere / simple welding work, like a dentist up to 180Ampere / welding doors, metal & Cobis 160Ampere / materials up to 6mm

These amperages are ubiquitous in electrode welding equipment and are perfectly adequate for welding doors, welding metal together and more.

How many amps do I need for an electrode welding machine?

This is, of course, a matter for your own work performance. Depending on what you want to weld with it, different amperes are necessary. For light household work the 100 amperes are sufficient. Usually 160 amperes are recommended, because the handling and the possible use is also increasing.

For this reason it is worth paying attention to which electrodes welding machines have how many amperes.

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