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How to Weld Aluminum


Today we make a little excursion and move a little bit before the actual welding work. To be more precise, when preparing aluminium workpieces for welding the often dreaded aluminium.

Recently we had to cut a narrow aluminium plate a little bit before starting the welding. For this we used a plunge circular saw or plunge saw and were surprised how easily and well it was done. Then we went on to weld the aluminium.

Heads up! Welding aluminium requires a great deal of experience and is extremely difficult. For best results we recommend a TIG welding machine.

Since perhaps some of you would like to cut an aluminium plate or other light metal with a plunge circular saw, we have decided to make a small contribution.

We tell you what a plunge saw is all about and what you have to consider when cutting aluminium with a plunge saw.

What is a diving circular saw?

The plunge saw is a more special form of the hand circular saw and is particularly suitable for very precise cuts. The saw blade and motor are not connected to the guide plate and can therefore be easily lowered.


The special thing: You can lower the saw blade at any point. So you do not always have to start at an edge. Instead, you can start cutting in the middle if necessary.

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3 things to consider when cutting aluminium with a plunge saw

    You need the right saw blade.

Before you cut aluminium with your plunge saw, you should look for a suitable aluminium saw blade. The saw blade should have a negative clamping angle . The trapezoidal flat tooth is recommended as tooth form.

    Safety goggles or helmet is mandatory.

Never forget to use safety goggles or even better a safety helmet. The hot aluminium shavings fly around completely uncontrolled in all directions when cutting aluminium and are very dangerous, especially for the eyes. In addition, the aluminium chips cannot be sucked off due to the increased weight.

    You must clamp the workpiece well.

To ensure that nothing wobbles and you can cut precisely, it is best to clamp the workpiece between two boards. A guide rail is also recommended. It increases the precision and accuracy when cutting enormously.

That’s about it. We hope that cutting aluminium with a submerged circular saw works as well for you as it does for us and wish you a lot of fun trying it out.

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