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Best Equipment for Aluminum Welding


In this article we deal with the question of which welding equipment is best suited for aluminium and which model is especially recommended.

We often hear that aluminium welding is very heavy and it is better to leave it alone.

It is often completely discouraged for beginners, as they need some experience in handling a welding machine. This makes it all the more important to select the optimum welding equipment for aluminium.

If you have never worked with a welding machine before and now want to weld aluminium quickly and without major complications, we are sorry to disappoint you. Be prepared for some failures and bring a good portion of patience and willingness to learn.


The right welding equipment for aluminium is crucial and especially important to quickly see the first results. Advanced welders, will achieve the best possible results with a good welding equipment for aluminium.

Which welding equipment can be used for aluminium welding ?

There are several different types of welding equipment available on the market. Of these, the TIG welding machine and the inert gas welding machine are recommended. These two versions are the most suitable for welding aluminium.

The TIG welding machine is a very fast welding process. This means that the aluminium can hardly be deformed due to the short heat exposure.

For gas-shielded welding equipment, it is best to use the MIG welding method. However, the penetration here is sometimes quite deep. With thinner sheets you would have to weld or spot weld very quickly. Spot welding works very well.


For us the TIG welding machine is the first choice. The welding seams simply look nicer than with MIG welding and the heat effect on the aluminium is shorter.

Which TIG welding equipment is particularly suitable for welding aluminium?

Now that you know which welding equipment is best suited for aluminium, it is of course interesting to know which welding equipment is especially recommended. You need a TIG welding machine, with which you can weld aluminium in the easiest and best way.

So we went on a search and found a special model which convinces by performance and function. Especially important for the selection was the

Our recommendation: The HST aluminium metal welding machine WSE 200


Things that were important in the selection.

As we have just mentioned, the current displacement function had to be taken into account in the selection first. It was important that it was an AC/DC TIG welding machine. With a TIG alternating current (AC) welding process, the oxides in aluminium are destroyed by certain processes in the arc.

The performance and given functions were also important and the HST Alu Metal Welder fulfilled all these criteria and is therefore ideal as a welding machine for aluminium.

The characteristics and features.

The device has a strong power from 10 to 200 amps and offers HF – ignition. This high-frequency ignition protects the tungsten electrode from wear and tear, as it is not necessary to touch the workpiece when igniting the arc.

Furthermore, the current reduction during welding breaks can be individually adjusted. Also very important is the available gas post flow time. This continues to protect the hot seam from the atmosphere during cooling.


With the welding machine you can also weld a variety of other materials. All in one, you can expect good results with the HST Alu Metal Welding Unit when welding and especially when welding aluminium.

This model is not the cheapest TIG welding machine, but for the given performance and function it is completely ok and can even be considered as cheap.

Now all is said and done. If we were able to help you in your search for a welding machine for aluminium, we are very pleased.

The team from Schweißgerät Test wishes you continued success in welding.


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