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3M Speedglas 100 Helmet Review


Presentation welding helmet 3M Speedglas 100V

Welding helmets should always be worn in order to reliably protect your own eye area during welding work.

The 3M SpeedglasTM 100V welding helmet is suitable for both occasional and professional welders and is extremely popular with existing customers.

The product data of the 3MTM Speedglas 100V

The welding helmet 3MTM Speedglas 100V has the product dimensions of 28 x 27 x 31cm and a weight of 680g.

This helmet is a 100V automatic welding mask with Speedglas glare protection technology.


The welding helmet can be purchased in a classic black, but also in striking graphics. The construction covers the entire head up to the neck or chin.

The batteries required for the corresponding functions are included in the delivery.

The main advantages of this welding helmet

Thanks to the Speedglass anti-glare technology, optimum protection for the eye area and a perfect view of the workplace can be guaranteed. This is because while the viewing window darkens during the welding process to the corresponding light stimuli, it illuminates again immediately after the work is done.

Therefore the eyes are always presented with a natural brightness so that the healthy eye function is maintained.


The 3M Speedglas 100V is also extremely easy to operate, which is particularly important for hobby welders. Paired with the reliable performance, this welding helmet can be used for almost all arc welding processes.

In addition to the purely practical advantages of this product, the special price-performance ratio should not be overlooked. Because with this product you get optimal protection for a relatively low price!

Positive customer recessions throughout

If one asks the customers of this welding helmet for their opinion, essential elements of the advantages (see above) can also be found in the information.

Many customers approve of the easy handling of this welding helmet, which makes it extremely attractive for hobby welders as well. In addition, the low weight and the pleasant wearing comfort should also be mentioned, which also has a positive effect on the work processes. Due to the fast reaction time of the field of vision, customers feel absolutely safe and would buy this helmet again at any time.


Thanks to the battery-powered function, this welding helmet is absolutely safe to use in any environment – even in dark workshops. Therefore it clearly convinces at this point before the solar welding helmet!

Last but not least, the relatively low price of this article can be recognized in recessions, so that this aspect has also had a significant influence on the purchase decision of many customers.

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